Friday, June 22, 2007

Updates-new desktop wallpaper (3), new OE and IM stat, new shirts for Abstract Weasel

I got a chance to play today! Woohoo. I did a tutorial just for fun, a very pretty one I saw at Mel's Design yesterday, called A Moment of Grace. I've made stationery (IM and OE, as usual) and desktop wallpaper. There's a screenshot of the wallpaper to the left. I've also made a background wallpaper (one without the middle tag) and one that says My Desktop as well, the usual 3 I make.

Mel is having trouble with her supplies folder so you have to email her (her address is on her site) for the supplies, or you can email me, she has given me permission to distribute the supplies for this tutorial.
This tutorial is super simple, just copy and paste. But isn't it pretty?
Tami also has 3 new shirts on her Abstract Weasel page. The "Gangsta" and "Gangsta Girl" shirts have been flying off of her virtual shelves so I asked her to send me screenshots to show you.
I'm off to read a book, a great one by Lisa Unger called "Sliver of Truth". Have a great day!

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