Sunday, May 30, 2010

June desktop calendar up, some desktop wallpaper, and some tutorials

Hi everyone. I hope you're having a nice weekend? 
 I've just finished the June desktop calendars, I have 8 for you to choose from, 4 with graphics on them and 4 just the textured background and the calendar. I also have 11 new desktop wallpapers for you.
 I have been quiet lately but that's because I'm working on editing all of my tutorials and getting them back online. I'm working on the Background tutorials at the moment as I thought they would need the least copyright editing, but some do and most are in the old style pages that I did when I first started, so I'm updating the look of the pages at the same time. I'm doing the tuts as I edit them and have found some that I've improved since I know so much more now! So it's all for your benefit.
 It was slow going for the last couple of weeks as I was having trouble with the server that I was uploading to, about 90% of the files ended up with a socket error, a dead connection, etc most of them after uploading to 100% so then they would start over again and I'd have to sit right by the computer to check whether I wanted it to skip or overwrite. It was a huuuuge pain, but the last few days it has been excellent, very fast and no errors. I thought I was going to have to bail on this host and find another one but it's been very good now! Now it's the host that's hosting my stationery section I'm having trouble with. I suddenly can't log in there, says my credentials are wrong but they're the same ones I've been logging in with all along. That just started so I'll have to see how it goes. But I can't do anything about my stationery at the moment. I'm too busy trying to get the tuts online anyway! That's my way-too-lengthy story! LOL
 Enjoy the calendars and the wallpaper, check out the tuts I have online so far. Here are the links
 Desktop Calendars
 New Wallpaper
 Tile Tutorials
 I also have these tuts back online:
 Making 3D Text (such as in Font previews, I also use this technique sometimes on my tags)
 Add an animation, picture or webpage to  your desktop (I wrote this mainly for people wanting to add my blinkie calendars to their desktop, but it is a very useful tutorial to add other items as well)
 I also have my font tutorials back online here
 Our first camping trip is coming up, second week of June. I always take my laptop and my netbook with me and usually work on site stuff while I'm gone so hopefully I'll get lots done then, with no distractions. No internet though so I can't look up copyright stuff, etc while I'm gone. Have to work on hubby to get some satellite internet or a Rocket Stick from Rogers! Maybe when we're done paying off our brand new trailer! We graduated from a pop-up tent trailer to a full-fledged travel trailer this year, with a Murphy Bed that folds up to the wall and a bathroom with WALLS!!! LOL
 Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day wallpaper page up and Misc Wallpaper page 1

Hi everyone. I've just finished editing two wallpaper pages and I've uploaded them. I've edited all of them for copyright content and made all of them into all three sizes I offer now.
I've finished Miscellaneous wallpaper page 1, direct link is here:
And I've finished Mother's Day-Father's Day wallpaper page. I've only got the Mother's Day wallpaper on the page as I have to edit the Father's Day wallpaper yet. You can get to it here:

I just wanted to get the Mother's Day wallpaper finished before it's past the date!

Have a great night!