Thursday, May 31, 2007

Update-blinkie calendars done and uploaded

Hi there.

A quick post to let you know my June Blinkie Calendars are done and uploaded. That means all of my calendars are done for June. Blinkie, desktop and scrap. You can see an example of one of my blinkie calendars on the right top of this page. It's a bit cut off as I keep forgetting to make one that is small enough to fit in the sidebar. One day . . . LOL
I hope you find something you like!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Updates-4scrap calendars, 6 desktop calendars

I have the June Desktop Calendars uploaded, 6 of them, both regular format and wide screen format. I'm working on the Scrap and Blinkie calendars next.
I have four new June calendars on the Scrap Calendar page.
The one to the left is a small preview of one, a June Bride one, all white and silver. This particular one was done using elements from Scraps by Odete and Creative Scrap Treasures. Complete credits are with the calendars.
I'll do Blinkie calendars tomorrow.
Have a great night everyone!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Update-New scrap blend tag tutorial, new stationery, wallpaper, new shirts

I have a few updates for you. I've finished my new Scrap Blend tutorial, called This Little Light. You can find the links to it here for the various programs. I've written it for PSP, PhotoImpact, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. There's a small screenshot to the left of the finished tag.

As you will see, I'm making a few changes to my site navigation. Easier for me and less pages to work on. When you follow the link I gave for the tag tutorial, you will see that I have one Tag Index page now and under each screenshot of the tut is a link to each individual program it's written for. I think this will be much better. It's a lot of work to change this around so I'll be working on it slowly. For now, the Tag Tutorial pages are done. I have stationery and wallpaper uploaded that matches this new tutorial. Check them out here: New Wallpaper New Stationery
My daughter Tami also has a couple of new shirts on her Abstract Weasel clothing page.
Have a super day everyone!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New scrap freebie from Ingrid

I almost forgot to tell you. Ingrid has two beautiful new scrap freebies on her page, Ingrid Scrap Designs. Right at the top.
I'm working on a blend scrap tag tutorial, my own. Finally got to doing one of my own! I have PI done, now I have to redo in PSP, PS and PSE, then I'll upload it. Hopefully by tomorrow. This is my first blend/scrap tag tutorial, I hope you guys like it!
Have a super day!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New translation, stationery, desktop wallpaper

I have a new translated tutorial up, a beautiful blend tag called Memories of a Child, originally written by Jet of Jetje's PSP Creaties. It's for PSP.
I did this translation at the request of one of my visitors. If you see any tutorial on any of the sites I translate for that you would like me to translate, write me and ask. I may just do it, no promises. But only for the sites I translate for now. PSPIArtes Marian's PSPLessen Miss Daisy Marijke's PSP Design Jetje's PSP Creaties Violettegraphic X-clusive Designs.
I have also uploaded stationery done using this tutorial for Incredimail and Outlook Express, as well as 6 matching wallpaper. Find them here. New Stationery New Wallpaper
Three more of my tutorials have been translated to German, Golden Straw Frame, Icicle Stationery, and Natural Starmaker Stationery. Thanks to Renate and Erika of PSPRatte!
Have a super day, everyone!

Friday, May 18, 2007

New items on Abstract Weasel, new scrap freebie on Ingrid's page

Tami has 5 new shirts on her Abstract Weasel clothing page. Check 'em out! Right at the top. I have also just added a new scrap element for Ingrid on her page, Ingrid Scrap Designs. Again, right at the top.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New scrap freebie from Ingrid, new shirt in Abstract Weasel, making a scrap kit

I've just added another new scrap design from Ingrid on her page. I've also added another shirt design to my daughter's page, Abstract Weasel. In both pages, I've added the new item to the top to make them easier to find. I'm in the middle of creating my first scrap kit, what a job! I'm learning a lot though as so far I haven't used any tutorials, I'm making them up on PhotoImpact as I go along. I'll let you know when I'm done. It's huge so I may give away a piece, or a few pieces, a day on my blog when it's ready. I'll be doing another translation soon. I've had a few requests for more Jetje tuts so I'll do one of hers next. Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Updates-new translated psp tutorial-new wallpaper-new stationery-misty stat translated to German

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers viewing this. I have finished a new translation, Porte-Bonheur scrap tag, originally created by Violette of Violettegraphic.
I've also just uploaded the stationery and wallpaper to match the tutorial. They are called Scrap Muguet. Check here for them: New Stationery New Wallpaper
One of my own tutorials, Misty Stationery, has been translated into German by Renate and Erika of PSPRatte.
Ingrid is just thrilled with the number of visitors she had to her new scrap page hosted by myself. And Tami is excited as well at the number of visitors her Abstract Weasel page attracted. Thanks for visiting everyone!
Have a super day!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Update-new scrap freebies-shirts-tutorial almost done

Hi everyone: another update for me. I've just added a new section to the site, digital scrapbooking freebies from Ingrid Scrap Designs. She didn't have a site so I offered to host it for her. Her page is here.
Also, Tami has added 2 new shirt designs to her Abstract Weasel page, check that out here. They are the two at the bottom of the page.
I'm almost done translating a very nice scrap tag tutorial from Violette. Hopefully that will be ready tomorrow. I'll let you know.
That's about it for today!
Take care!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Scrap tag for Photoshop-Photoshop Elements

I've just finished converting one of my translated tutorials, Life's Journey originally by Marian's PSP Lessen, to Photoshop-Photoshop Elements. You can find it here. I've come to a decision to not convert any more translated tutorials to the other programs. I've been looking at the visitors to those pages and they're not enough to warrant all of the extra time it takes. For instance, the conversion of this one tutorial to Photoshop-Photoshop Elements, took me 2 days. When I do a straight translation without converting, I can often have it done in a couple of hours or even less. I will still write my own tutorials for all of the programs, but not the translated ones. I have to drop something as I just don't have the time to do anything else. Violette has PI tutorials on her site as well as PSP. I will be translating her PI tutorials to English ones. I hope you understand. I will have more time to translate the PSP ones as well as write my own, and also create all of those other goodies you like! Have a great day!

Update-my daughter's new clothing line and news re a translation

I've just added a page featuring my daughter Tami's clothing line. T-shirts, hoodies, tanks tops, camisoles, sweatshirts. With her designs on the front, some funny, some sarcastic, some inspirational. A large variety for all moods in all sizes. I won't be selling them, she has her own site for that. I just wanted to show them to you so you can see for yourself the great work and maybe buy some from her! They are very reasonably priced. Her page is here. Her site, called Abstract Weasel, is here.
Don't worry, I'm not turning into a commercial site. But when your kids do something that you are so proud of, you have to share it. My other daughter is writing a children's book that's just wonderful. I'll share that news with you as well when she's done. It's like the Harry Potter line of books. Fantastic, if I say so myself! She's also an artist so she will be illustrating the book herself.
I'm losing weight and I fully intend to buy some when I get to my goal.
I'm almost done converting the translated scrap tutorial called "Life's Journey" to the other programs. I finished PS, now have to check that out in PSE, and then do the PI version. If I don't get distracted, I hope to have it done today. I'll post when it's done. Have a stupendous day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Huge reaction to scrap calendars

I've had a huge reaction to my Scrap Calendars. Apparently you love them! If I get a chance, I'll make more for May, at least a couple. I'll certainly make more for June.

Calendar updates for May

I have the desktop calendars done for May and I have added a new feature and a new page, Scrap Calendars. I only have one done so far. Let me know if you like them and I'll make more. Here's an example of the scrap calendar. They are not desktop size but 560X420.

I also have the Blinkie Calendars uploaded. Check it out and pick your favorite! As always, 6 to choose from.As you may have noticed, I now have an index page for the various calendars I make. If you have any questions or comments, click on the comments section below this post. Have a great day!