Sunday, May 6, 2007

Scrap tag for Photoshop-Photoshop Elements

I've just finished converting one of my translated tutorials, Life's Journey originally by Marian's PSP Lessen, to Photoshop-Photoshop Elements. You can find it here. I've come to a decision to not convert any more translated tutorials to the other programs. I've been looking at the visitors to those pages and they're not enough to warrant all of the extra time it takes. For instance, the conversion of this one tutorial to Photoshop-Photoshop Elements, took me 2 days. When I do a straight translation without converting, I can often have it done in a couple of hours or even less. I will still write my own tutorials for all of the programs, but not the translated ones. I have to drop something as I just don't have the time to do anything else. Violette has PI tutorials on her site as well as PSP. I will be translating her PI tutorials to English ones. I hope you understand. I will have more time to translate the PSP ones as well as write my own, and also create all of those other goodies you like! Have a great day!

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carmel said...

way to go, Ellie! congrats on your new blog!