Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another new New Year set

5PM: I uploaded another wallpaper-stationery set to the New Year sections, this one is called What Resolution?
New Year Stationery New Year Wallpaper
I've got another 2 tags I'm trying to get done for tonight but not sure if I'll make it. Murphy's Law, you know. Everything that can go wrong, does! We are off to the movies in about an hour and a half to see Avatar in 3D. I'll try and get these done before and after the show but if I poop out, I'll have to finish them tomorrow. Always running against the deadline. I must like it or something. LOL Have a Happy New Year's Eve!
7:30 PM: I just uploaded another New Year stationery-wallpaper set, this one called The Stroke of 12, follow the links above.
Avatar 3D was sold out just as I got to second place in line. Just as well, if it's that full we'd have had our faces crammed against the screen.
We may try later, it's on again at 10. Hubby's leaving it up to me, in case I can't stay awake. Well if I'm not awake at 1AM it would be the first time in a long time. LOL
9:30 PM: I've got the last set ready and uploaded, this one is called Have a Golden New Year. We are off soon to see if we can get in to see Avatar for the late show. Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another New Year stationery and wallpaper for you

Hi everyone. I just uploaded another New Year stationery and desktop wallpaper combo.
New Year Stationery
New Year Wallpaper
This one is called New Year In The Pink. I hope you like it!
Not sure if I'll get another done tomorrow or not. It takes me forever, about an hour or more to pick the perfect tube, then another few hours creating the tag (cause it has to be just PERFECT! LOL). Then another couple of hours to assemble the stats in all the formats and the wallpaper in all the sizes.
Whew, gettin' tired just thinkin' of it! Think I need a nap! LOL
Have a nice day/evening everyone! And a nice New Year if I don't post tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update-added New Year Stationery and Wallpaper sections

I hope you all had a nice Christmas? I've done a little work on the website today. I added a New Year section to both the Stationery and Wallpaper. New Year Stationery New Year Wallpaper
I've only got one on each right now but I hope to get some done today or tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed!
I'll let you know if I get any more added. Have a great holiday week!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Redoing entire site and desktop calendars for January up

Hi everyone! I've been working on my site. Once it's been overhauled I can start adding all the new stuff I've made for the past year. I'm working through the site and deleting and/or repairing-replacing old stationery and wallpaper. Adding the new sizes and formats I've been doing, like the large wide wallpaper and eml format stationery and in some cases, even Outlook Express stationery that never got made. I'm adding the copyright info and deleting stuff that's not copyright compliant. It's a huge job and I've been procrastinating too long. I've purchased hundreds of dollars of tubes over the past few months and I have to get that copyright info on my stuff. I've been putting off even updating the site, as you know, because I knew I had to do this job and it was so huge I felt overwhelmed. Well, I grabbed the bull by the horns and started. It's slow going because I have to redo all the graphics, stationery, wallpaper, in some cases spending hours looking for the artist of a tube to find out if it's allowed or not, adding the credits, and in many cases, redoing the look of the graphic as I can do so much better now than when I made the older stuff. And if I think it's ugly and can't be fixed, out it goes!!! So keep checking back, I won't be putting them on the New Stationery and New Wallpaper pages, there will just be too many. I'm not replacing blends and scenic stuff at the moment, just stuff with tubes. So far I've completed the Angels and Autumn categories in both stationery and desktop wallpaper and I'm working on the Fairies. That's a biggie as so many of them are made with tubes and also my favorite section, so I have lots to work on. I'm averaging about 2-3 wallpaper-stationery combos a day and that's if I already know who the artist is. I'll be working on it for weeks so keep checking back. 

On another note, I already have the January 2010 Desktop Calendars made, can you believe it! They're uploaded and ready for you here. Have a great Holiday season and keep checking back for all my new goodies!
Hugs, Ellie

Friday, October 16, 2009

One more Halloween wallpaper

I made another Halloween desktop wallpaper for you. Thi one features art by Daniel Esparza and is called Are You Sure You Want To Mess With Me. Check it out here! I'm done for the day. Hopefully soon I'll get a chance to make all of these new Halloween tags into stationery as well. Maybe this weekend if I don't get distracted! LOL
Hugs, Ellie

Another Halloween desktop wallpaper

Another new Halloween wallpaper for you, called Witch Way, using the Free-to-use art of Krista Holewinske. Check it out here!
Hugs, Ellie

Saturday, October 10, 2009

2 more Halloween Wallpaper

Hi everyone. I've added another Halloween wallpaper called Beware of Me, using the fantastic art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith and one more called Fright Night, using the beautiful art of Jamie Kidd.
Check the new paper out here on my New Wallpaper page.
Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Ellie

Friday, October 9, 2009

More Halloween desktop wallpaper

I've added 4 more Halloween wallpapers, check them out here on my New Wallpaper page.
Two are with a beautiful Scarlet Gothica tube and the wallpaper is called Goblins & Witches.
Two are just the background of green ghosts, one with Happy Halloween on it. For those that like simple papers!
I hope you like them! More coming yet but I'm off to visit in-laws in a few minutes, so maybe later today, maybe tomorrow.
Have a great day!
Hugs, Ellie

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another desktop wallpaper, Devilishly Perfect

I've just uploaded another new desktop wallpaper, this one is called "Devilishly Perfect", a Halloween paper. Check it out here. The link takes you to the New Wallpaper page in my wallpaper section. Now I'm done for the night!
Have a great one, Hugs, Ellie

One more desktop Calendar up

I just uploaded the newest desktop calendar, Fall Fire Fairy in all 3 sizes: Desktop Calendars
Also I uploaded the matching desktop wallpaper in all 3 sizes.
I also just uploaded my Halloween desktop wallpaper page, the new ones aren't on there yet but I updated the older ones, removed some very old ones I didn't like anymore and the ones I left there I added all three sizes. I have a number of new ones to add which I'll be working on for the next week and uploading. I'll let you know when they're there.
Have a great afternoon!
Hugs, Ellie

October desktop calendars up

Well, they're a little late and a long time coming but I finally have some desktop calendars up. I have 2 Halloween-style calendars up and I hope to have the Autumn-style one done this afternoon. I'll let you know when it's there. I hope you like them!
Desktop Calendars
I'm also working on my Halloween stationery and wallpaper pages, updating what's there and adding new stuff to them. Again, I'll post when I upload. Have a great day!
Hugs, Ellie

Sunday, September 20, 2009

HUGE update to Great Beginnings page now uploaded

Well, it's been a long time but I've been hard at work the last couple of weeks, on the Great Beginnings page. I thought it would never be done, what a job! LOL I've split the major sections into separate pages as the page was getting too long for easy browsing. The Great Beginnings index page is still in the same spot, here. The pages I've added to are the Tutorials page, the PSP English tutorials, I've added 322 new links to that section and checked the links with a link checker. I also added 1297 (that's not a typo, that's one thousand two hundred and ninety-seven!!) new links to the Scrapbooking page in the Scrap Blogs section and the Scrap-All The Other Stuff sections. The Scrap Blogs section has a subsection at the bottom for Blogs with Freebie Lists and Blog Train Stations. The link checker I used, Xenu Link Sleuth, is excellent and free! But it will only flag the link as dead if it leads nowhere, like a page not found. If it leads to one of those search pages that seems to take the place of expired domains recently, or a redirect page, or a page saying "I've closed my site down" or "I've moved my site", it won't flag it as a dead link. If you find any dead links, would you email me please and let me know? Also, if you have a site or blog you'd like to see added to my pages, or know of a good one to add, email me as well, and I'll go check it out. I hope you enjoy your surfing, I know I did (except not recently, too much like a job LOL) Once I recover from this marathon, I'll start adding to the new sections I've set up, such as Fonts, Blogger layouts, etc, also I have more links to add to existing sections. But I need a rest now. LOL I also have a number of tags that I haven't made into stationery and wallpaper yet, I hope to get to that soon. I've been buying up the tube companies so I have hundreds of copyright safe tubes to use and to replace in some of my existing stationery and wallpaper. Lots of new stuff coming up. After my rest. Take care! Hugs, Ellie

Monday, September 14, 2009

Great Beginnings page-getting there!

Hi everyone, I'm getting there with the page. I've finished checking the English PSP tutorial section, adding more as I go along with my terrible surfing addiction. LOL I'm now halfway done the scrapbooking section. I'm waiting till I have this section done before uploading the entire thing, because I split the major sections into new pages and it's easier to upload all at once. I'm glad you're all being so patient. I'll be done soon!
I did have to put a no select script on the page as I've seen that page stolen so many times I can't believe it. Rather than just send people to my page, people are copying and pasting the entire page onto their websites, without a word of credit for my site. I'm pretty easy-going about this kind of stuff but this page takes me forever to work on, as you can see. You can still right click on the page if, for instance, you want to right click and open a link in a new tab or a new window. But no more copying the entire page and pasting it into other websites or emails.
Anyway, I hope to have the page done by this weekend and uploaded, but you know what happens to all great plans. LOL Keep your fingers crossed.
Have a great day!
Hugs, Ellie

Monday, September 7, 2009

Great Beginnings page taking longer than expected

Hi everyone. I'm sorry the Great Beginnings page is taking longer than I expected to check before uploading. The job is huge to begin with and I thought the worst part was over in inputting the links. But for each dead link I find I have to check it out, see if I can find the site before deleting the link entirely, and then with my ADHD problems, I keep going off on a tangent. I may find the site or another one while looking for it, and think ok, I'll just add that one to the page too! Then of course I have to go and download kits, look up tuts and it just goes from one thing to another. I've almost got the PSP English tuts all checked, I'm up to the P's! LOL Since I'm splitting the page into various categories, as it's got too long for easy browsing, I'll upload the tuts section page as soon as I'm done with it. I hope it's worth the wait!! I think it is! LOL
Take care
Hugs, Ellie

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Huge update to Great Beginnings Page coming up

Hi everyone. Just got back from a 10 day camping trip and I spent half of it in the trailer adding over 1300 links to my Great Beginnings page, over 200 in PSP English tuts and over a thousand in the Scrap Designer's section. I've just got to run it through a dead links checker and I'll upload it in a day or two. I didn't have the net while camping so couldn't check the links as I went along. The Scrap Designer's update was so overwhelming that I kept putting off updating the page but I just took the bit between my teeth and went to work! Nose to the grindstone, and all that. LOL Checking the links and going back and forth deleting and updating is now picnic either with that many links to check!
I'll let you know when I have it uploaded. Then it's back to work on updating all of my stationery and wallpaper pages. I've bought a ton of tubes and have to make my stuff as copyright compliant as I can.
Take care,
Hugs, Ellie

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm still around!

Hi everyone. I know it's been ages. I'm still around though! I've been through a huge creative slump since my surgery a year and a half ago. I swear they punctured my creative balloon and drained it all out! Then I got a bad virus on my computer and it took a month to get it going again. The virus changed every single exe (executable) file on my computer to a virus and every time I got rid of it and then clicked on an exe file to reinstall a program I got reinfected. The virus is called Virut and it's a bad one! Just got my computer back and not even everything installed yet and my husband had a heart attack and had to go for surgery. He's doing great now and I hope to get back to creating soon. I reinstalled Photoshop today, it was the last graphic program I had to reinstall as I reinstalled PSP, Photoshop Elements and PhotoImpact a while ago. Now I just have to set PhotoImpact's presets up and I'm back in business.
Thanks for all of your emails expressing concern about me and what's going on. I appreciate all of your kind thoughts.
Hopefully, you'll see something new from me soon!
Take care,
Hugs, Ellie