Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another new New Year set

5PM: I uploaded another wallpaper-stationery set to the New Year sections, this one is called What Resolution?
New Year Stationery New Year Wallpaper
I've got another 2 tags I'm trying to get done for tonight but not sure if I'll make it. Murphy's Law, you know. Everything that can go wrong, does! We are off to the movies in about an hour and a half to see Avatar in 3D. I'll try and get these done before and after the show but if I poop out, I'll have to finish them tomorrow. Always running against the deadline. I must like it or something. LOL Have a Happy New Year's Eve!
7:30 PM: I just uploaded another New Year stationery-wallpaper set, this one called The Stroke of 12, follow the links above.
Avatar 3D was sold out just as I got to second place in line. Just as well, if it's that full we'd have had our faces crammed against the screen.
We may try later, it's on again at 10. Hubby's leaving it up to me, in case I can't stay awake. Well if I'm not awake at 1AM it would be the first time in a long time. LOL
9:30 PM: I've got the last set ready and uploaded, this one is called Have a Golden New Year. We are off soon to see if we can get in to see Avatar for the late show. Happy New Year everyone!

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