Saturday, June 30, 2007

Update-2 more July scrap calendars

I've uploaded the last two scrap calendars for July. They are both made using kits by Janniscrap Designs. Here are small previews.

The last one took a long time as it suddenly, and without any apparent effort on my part, turned into a tag burying my Mom's cute little dog, Buddy, in the sand! Took me hours! Poor doggie. LOL Here is how it ended up.

I had to make it right for you guys but just sharing the way my mind works sometimes. Mom will love it. Isn't he cute? He's a cross between a Welsh Corgi and a Jack Russell Terrier. Short little legs and sturdy little body. My brother called him a beer keg on legs and that's about right. LOL Too late to get the blinkie calendars done today so that will be my job for tomorrow. Have a great night everyone!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Update-1 more July scrap calendar-Independence Day

I've just uploaded one more scrap calendar, this one celebrating the American July 4th holiday. There's a small preview to the left.
Sorry the calendars are coming so slow. My creative spark is barely flickering. LOL Bad time for it when all of my calendars need to be done. One or two more scrap calendars (hopefully) tomorrow and the blinkie calendars as well.
Wish me luck! Have a super night.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Updates-Canadian and Canada Day scrap tags, stationery, desktop wallpaper

I've converted the Canadian scrap calendar I made yesterday into a number of new stationery, desktop wallpaper and tags. They don't have the calendar on them. There are two designs, "Happy Canada Day"

and "Proud to be a Canadian"

so they can be used for longer than just Canada Day! Hate to have my work thrown away after one day! There are small samples of each design on the left. If you like these tiny previews, feel free to snag them and use them as tags. There are larger tags on the New Tag page. Don't remove my watermark please.
Both of these designs were made with the Canada Day scrap kit by Fishinmom Designs.
I'm running behind! Why do I take these projects on when I have to be making my calendars! LOL Gotta run now. Bye.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Update-1st July Scrap Calendar-Canada Day

I've finished the first scrap calendar for July. I wanted to get this one done first as Canada Day is July 1st so no time to waste! So, of course, it's a Canada Day scrap calendar. Most of the elements are out of the Canada Day scrap kit by Fishinmom Designs, one of the blogs I visit daily. There's a preview to the left, much much reduced in size of course! So I didn't waste the whole day, I also use it to make a header for stationery, desktop wallpaper and a tag. Calendar is up now, stationery, wallpaper and tag will be up tomorrow as I have to make a whole new page for each of them. My first Canada Day stuff! More scrap calendars coming tomorrow as well. Take care!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Update-July Desktop Calendars are up

I've just uploaded the July Desktop Calendars. There are 6 different ones in Regular and Wide screens. There's one of them to the left, greatly reduced of course! LOL

Tomorrow I hope to get some of the small scrap and blinkie calendars done. Have a great night!

Updates-Part 2 of Inspired by Nature kit by Ingrid, new translation in the works

Ingrid added another free part to her Inspired by Nature kit and boy, did she outdo herself. It's just stunning. Check out her page on my site here. This is such a beautiful kit!
I'm working on the calendars for July and I've just about finished a translation of a PSP stationery tutorial by Marynez of PSPIArtes. It's now interrupted by the calendar work so as soon as I'm done them, I'll finish up the translation.
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Update-new stationery and desktop wallpaper

Playing again! This time I did a great tutorial by my friend Bobbi at Ramblin Roots. It's called Colleen Frame, you can find it here. I made stationery and 3 wallpaper to go with it. Find them here: New Stationery New Wallpaper My result is to the left (this is the wallpaper, mine is much larger of course. LOL). Have a super day!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Updates-new desktop wallpaper (3), new OE and IM stat, new shirts for Abstract Weasel

I got a chance to play today! Woohoo. I did a tutorial just for fun, a very pretty one I saw at Mel's Design yesterday, called A Moment of Grace. I've made stationery (IM and OE, as usual) and desktop wallpaper. There's a screenshot of the wallpaper to the left. I've also made a background wallpaper (one without the middle tag) and one that says My Desktop as well, the usual 3 I make.

Mel is having trouble with her supplies folder so you have to email her (her address is on her site) for the supplies, or you can email me, she has given me permission to distribute the supplies for this tutorial.
This tutorial is super simple, just copy and paste. But isn't it pretty?
Tami also has 3 new shirts on her Abstract Weasel page. The "Gangsta" and "Gangsta Girl" shirts have been flying off of her virtual shelves so I asked her to send me screenshots to show you.
I'm off to read a book, a great one by Lisa Unger called "Sliver of Truth". Have a great day!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update-100 scrap blogs added to Great Beginnings page

Well a day late but I couldn't get to it yesterday. I just added 100 new links to the Scrapbooking section, Blogs and Blogs with Freebie lists categories to my Great Beginnings page. I counted the groups I added yesterday to the scrapbooking section and there were 96! So that was a total of 289 links added yesterday and now another 100 today. Wow I'm tired! LOL
If your site, blog or group is listed on my page and there is an error, please let me know and I'll correct it. If you want your link on my Great Beginnings page, email me and send my your link and I'll check it out. So many of you have done that and I thank you for that. Fun for me and fun for my readers! If you spot or know of a broken link, please let me know and I'll correct that as well. My email link is in the left column.
Now I'm taking a rest for a day or two. Maybe. I just spotted a tutorial I want to do and also I woke up this morning with a tutorial I want to write racing through my head (and that wasn't a pretty sight LOL), along with a song lyric I want to add to it. Mmmhh. Maybe no rest is going to be had.
Have a super night everyone.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Update-Great Beginnings page-289 new links in scrapbooking section-more to come

I promised I would upload the updated Great Beginnings page tonight whether I was done or not, so I just did that. 193 new links in the Scrapbooking section in these categories - Tutorials, Supplies-Free, Supplies-Commercial, Scrap links and toplists, Forums/Chatrooms, and a whole new category of Scrap Groups, mainly Yahoo groups so far. 96 links in that category. I didn't realize there were so many. I started surfing for them today and ended up doing it all day, still not done. So tomorrow I'll add any more groups I find, and also the biggie, the Scrap Blogs section. I have a lot to add there. So check it out now. All of the new links are marked. And tomorrow I'll let you know when I've uploaded it again with even more links. I have a great many links in other sections to add as well, such as PSP, PS, PI tutorial sites, font sites, etc. Have a great night! I taped Canadian Idol and I'm off to watch it.

Updates-translated tag tutorial, desktop wallpaper, stationery

I have another translated tutorial uploaded, a beautiful blend tag called Morocco, originally written by Mabel of Miss Daisy tutorial site for PSP in Spanish. I also have 3 New Wallpaper and New Stationery to match. It looks like the thumbnail on the left (but bigger LOL).

I'm working on my Great Beginnings page, Scrapbooking section first. I worked on it all day yesterday and have 153 new links added and have probably twice that still to add, just in that one section. Lots of work! I also want to add links to some of the other categories as well. I have literally thousands of links to add, more categories and sections, etc. I will upload whatever I have done later today but will continue to add more in the next few days.
Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Update-22 new fonts

Short and sweet. I've just uploaded 22 new fonts.
Check out the New Fonts page.
I've completed another translated blend tag tutorial of Miss Daisy's. I'm just waiting to hear back from her before linking it on the site, so it will probably be up tomorrow, hopefully.
Now I'm exhausted and I'm off to bed. Have a great night!

Update-translated scrap tag tutorial, stationery, desktop wallpaper

I've just uploaded another translation, a wonderful one from Jet of Jetje's PSP Creaties. It's called Having Fun. Another baby one as I love babies!

There are also 3 desktop wallpaper and a stationery to match. Click here for them. New Stationery New Wallpaper
I have one more translation done to assemble and upload today, one from Miss Daisy. I will then add some new fonts and then a large update to my Great Beginnings page. Have a super day everyone!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Updates-Scrap tag tutorial, stationery, desktop wallpaper, Abstract Weasel shirts

I have one of Marian's (of Marian's PSP-Lessen) scrap tutorials translated, one called Faith. The tag is featured to the left here. I loved the wallpaper made with this one so much I made 5 different versions, ones with just borders and then ones with ribbons and flowers embellishments. One featuring the tag, and the rest have no tag in the middle. I used a combination of the grungy green plaid and the cream colored floral to make the wallpaper. Also, new stationery to match, of course!
New Stationery New Wallpaper
I want to remind you that if you go to any of the tutorial writer's sites that I translate for, and you see one you'd like me to do, let me know and I'll take it under consideration. I did this one because one of my site visitors requested it. Some of the other's I've done were a request by a site visitor as well. You can find an index page with all of the writer's home sites linked here.
Tami also has 2 new shirt designs that are shown on her Abstract Weasel page. The ones I feature here are only a small selection of what she actually has so go take a look at her site. You'll love what she has. Shirts for every taste!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Update-new translated tut, new tut of my own, stationery, wallpaper

I have another translated tutorial uploaded, Scrap Fête des Mères, a scrap tag tutorial, originally written by Violette of Violettegraphic. I've also added 3 more desktop wallpaper (wallpapers? LOL), 1 based on the Fête des Mères tag and 2 simple background ones to go with it. Also new stationery using the tag. You can find them here New Wallpaper New StationeryI also have another tutorial of my own uploaded, Text on a Path in PSP. This is a method I came up with while camping, with no internet access and no tutorial available, and a need to make curved text. It is super simple and I don't think I've seen this done before. So it's mine!! LOL I needed it for the pictured tag, Scrap Fête des Mères.Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Update-Abstract Weasel Clothing, also email replies or lack thereof

Tami has a new shirt on her Abstract Weasel page. Check it out! I love her stuff. Once I get skinny (and I will!) I want to buy lots of her shirts. My favorite is the one that says "I didn't say it was your fault . . .I said I was gonna BLAME YOU". Cracks me up, I have to have that shirt. I also want to buy, and wear just for hubby, "Don't look at me in that tone of voice!". I want so many of her shirts I'm gonna make her rich!
I want to apologize if you have written and I didn't reply. I receive tons of email (about 80% of it is spam GRRRRRR) and sometimes after going through the spam and other junk and getting rid of it, email getting filtered into different folders, etc I may put the email aside to answer later if it requires more than a couple of words to reply or it needs some research to answer, then either lose it or completely forget. I'm not meaning to be rude. I do have a memory problem due to some medical issues but I really want to answer your email. If you don't hear back from me in a week or so, then write again. I may have either not received the email at all or it got deleted with the junk or misplaced, or completely forgotten. Feel free to ask again, I don't mind!
I have also added my email address in the left column. I realized I should do that after looking in vain for a way of contacting the writer of another blog and realized you would have the same problem with me.
Have a super day! Hugs, Ellie

Update-new background tile tutorial

I have a new background tutorial that can be done in any graphic program called Crystal Lace Tile. This can even be done in any free program that allows 3rd party filter use, such as IrfanView. I like the subtle backgrounds that can be used often for just about anything and not clash and this fits the bill quite nicely. I did not have to make a separate tutorial for all of the programs as this is so simple it wasn't needed. Another thing I like about this background is that it can be greatly optimized and still look good. Depending on the color used and the variations you use, they all turn out different.
See the examples above.

I have 4 more translations done in text format and will be assembling them this week and making all of the goodies such as stats and wallpaper to go with each one. I also have 3 more of my own tutorials in the works. Lots of new stuff coming your way! Have a super day!
Take care! Hugs, Ellie

Updates-new frame tutorial, new stats and wallpaper

I have a new translated tutorial for you. It's called Cadre Priscilla, a frame tutorial, originally written by Violette of Violettegraphic. I also have 2 new stationery done with the tutorial, and 6 new wallpaper. Here is what the finished result looks like.

I have another new stationery done, a July 4th one called American Pride. I have 2 new wallpaper to match it as well. I have 2 versions of the stat and wallpaper. This is version 2:
You can find all of the new items here New Stationery New Wallpaper
Have a great day! Hugs, Ellie

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hi everyone. Ingrid has a new mini scrap kit available as a freebie, called "Inspired by Nature Part 1", on her page Ingrid Scrap Designs. She is thinking of making 3 more mini kits in the Inspired by Nature series so show her some love when downloading from her 4shared site and encourage her to give us more! I just got back from camping and was able to get 5 translations done. If the weather had been nicer and hubby off hiking or biking I would have been able to do more, but it rained nonstop and was very cold and he had nothing to do so I let him use the computer to play with his retirement budget. Kept him happy and I read! Got through 6 books. I will be getting those tutorials assembled and uploaded hopefully today and tomorrow. I then want to get a ton of links added to my Great Beginnings page. Guess it's getting famous as I now get site and blog owners writing and asking to be put on the page. Woohoo! LOL I always check them out, though, to make sure it's someplace you'd want to go! I'll post again when I get the rest of the stuff added. Have a great day!