Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Update-Great Beginnings page-289 new links in scrapbooking section-more to come

I promised I would upload the updated Great Beginnings page tonight whether I was done or not, so I just did that. 193 new links in the Scrapbooking section in these categories - Tutorials, Supplies-Free, Supplies-Commercial, Scrap links and toplists, Forums/Chatrooms, and a whole new category of Scrap Groups, mainly Yahoo groups so far. 96 links in that category. I didn't realize there were so many. I started surfing for them today and ended up doing it all day, still not done. So tomorrow I'll add any more groups I find, and also the biggie, the Scrap Blogs section. I have a lot to add there. So check it out now. All of the new links are marked. And tomorrow I'll let you know when I've uploaded it again with even more links. I have a great many links in other sections to add as well, such as PSP, PS, PI tutorial sites, font sites, etc. Have a great night! I taped Canadian Idol and I'm off to watch it.

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jolka_ph said...

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