Friday, June 15, 2007

Update-new translated tut, new tut of my own, stationery, wallpaper

I have another translated tutorial uploaded, Scrap Fête des Mères, a scrap tag tutorial, originally written by Violette of Violettegraphic. I've also added 3 more desktop wallpaper (wallpapers? LOL), 1 based on the Fête des Mères tag and 2 simple background ones to go with it. Also new stationery using the tag. You can find them here New Wallpaper New StationeryI also have another tutorial of my own uploaded, Text on a Path in PSP. This is a method I came up with while camping, with no internet access and no tutorial available, and a need to make curved text. It is super simple and I don't think I've seen this done before. So it's mine!! LOL I needed it for the pictured tag, Scrap Fête des Mères.Have a wonderful day!

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