Sunday, June 29, 2008

New translated tutorials, more link corrections, thanks from me

Hi everyone. I've just added two new translations for PSP. One is a scrap tag called Romantic Scrap by Jet of PSP Tutorials by Jet,
here is a small example:

The other is a scrap tag as well, called Grungy Elegance by Lien of X-Clusive Designz
Here is a small example:

Lien has also changed her site address for those that lost track of where it went, and also Marynez of PSPIArtes has just changed her site address. Click on the links in their site names here to get to their new sites. The addresses have been fixed in their index pages on my site as well as each translated tutorial.
I still have a few more translations that are nearly done to work on. We are going to visit family later this week for a couple of days, but I'll get them done as soon as possible.
I've also found out from some site visitors that FontLoader, mentioned in my Managing Fonts tutorial, is no longer at the link I provided. I went and checked and it is there, but it's incorporated into another freeware program there called ShellTools. I've corrected the link to download that program. It's a fantastic program and I use it daily.
I want to take this opportunity to thank those who so generously have donated to my site over the past couple of years. I have bought a membership for a tutorial site I love, called Carolaine and Sensibility, which I mentioned before, and just recently bought a number of tubes so I can freely use them without worrying that I'll have to remove the tutorials or stationery and wallpaper later. And I'm saving enough of it to help pay for my website renewal and domain name renewal when they come due. I really appreciate those of you who have helped me out with this. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Even those that can donate just a dollar, it all helps me tremendously. I'm retired on a disability so I have no other income of my own coming in, so you can understand how much this helps.
Till next time, keep smiling! Makes people wonder what you've been up to! LOL

link correction and latest news

I just changed the website address of where you can get the newest version of FontRenamer (v2.16) on my Managing Fonts page.
I've recently come back from camping and have a few new tutorials translated. They now need to be assembled onto their web pages and uploaded and I hope to have that done soon. Some needed final animation steps added as I found out, to my surprise, that my laptop did not have Animation Shop installed. That is now remedied for my next camping trip. LOL Since I don't do a lot of animations, I never noticed before, but Futura's tutorials often have animation in them.
I also have a few calendars to make so best get my rear in gear!
My friend Sonel just changed her website address and I have a number of pages to change that on, as she often does my tuts and sends them to me and I then add them to my tut pages with a link to her. In the meantime, check out her new site. She translates Snakelady's tutorials as well and does a wonderful job. If she hadn't snagged Snakelady, I had been thinking of it, but she got to her first. Wonderful tuts! Sonel's site is here:
Have a great day!