Sunday, June 29, 2008

link correction and latest news

I just changed the website address of where you can get the newest version of FontRenamer (v2.16) on my Managing Fonts page.
I've recently come back from camping and have a few new tutorials translated. They now need to be assembled onto their web pages and uploaded and I hope to have that done soon. Some needed final animation steps added as I found out, to my surprise, that my laptop did not have Animation Shop installed. That is now remedied for my next camping trip. LOL Since I don't do a lot of animations, I never noticed before, but Futura's tutorials often have animation in them.
I also have a few calendars to make so best get my rear in gear!
My friend Sonel just changed her website address and I have a number of pages to change that on, as she often does my tuts and sends them to me and I then add them to my tut pages with a link to her. In the meantime, check out her new site. She translates Snakelady's tutorials as well and does a wonderful job. If she hadn't snagged Snakelady, I had been thinking of it, but she got to her first. Wonderful tuts! Sonel's site is here:
Have a great day!

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Sonel said...

You are so resourceful hon...and you amaze me every time with everything that you do and know...:-) Thanks for all your hard work and the lovely compliment. Coming from you means a lot to me..:-)

Have a great day!
Love & Hugs