Thursday, November 1, 2012

Closing my website

Hi everyone: After much contemplation and with a heavy heart, I've decided I'm going to close my site. This blog will remain open and anything new I make will be posted here.
 Between my lack of creative spark and lack of interest in it, and then getting my hosting costs doubled last renewal period without notice, I've just decided to not continue. I do tend to go in streaks so I'll leave my options open about using my blog and free sites to continue some parts of my site.
 For the moment the site will remain up but not updated.
 I am paid up with hosting till June 2014 and with my domain name till Oct 2013. I am going to see if I can get a partial refund on my hosting and if I can, it will close down shortly, otherwise it should remain up till at least next October.
 I am keeping my blog and if I decide to continue on with tags, tutorials and desktop calendars, I'll update you on that on my blog and the update group.
 You can either follow this blog or join my main update group for updates:
 So if you want anything from the site, go and grab them now.
Most of the tuts are available in downloadable formats. Grab the wallpaper, fonts, stationery, etc
 If I decide to go ahead with writing tutorials at another time, I will either put them on this blog, open a new blog for them or find a free site to upload them to.
 In summary, after taking a break for as long as needed, I may continue on with tutorials, tags and monthly desktop calendars. I will not continue with the wallpaper, stationery and fonts. Stay tuned for updates.
 Thanks for sticking with me all of these years. I appreciate you all more than you can know.
 Hugs, Ellie

Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Calendars up, Thanksgiving Wallpaper more sizes and png format

Happy Sunday everyone.
I have just uploaded to my site 12 October Desktop Calendars, some Autumn, some Thanksgiving for my fellow Canadians, and some Halloween. I hope you find one or more you like!
 I also just added the png format and the netbook-tablet size to my Thanksgiving Wallpaper page.
 I found the link to my New Stationery on my Stationery Index page was incorrect after my editing earlier last week so I fixed that as well.
 Take care and have a great week!
 Hugs, Ellie

Monday, September 24, 2012

Stationery section problem resolved

I was just notified by a site visitor that my entire stationery section is "not found". For some reason, even thought it was there and uploaded correctly and nothing had changed, it was not showing. I just changed the file name of the section from 'stats' to 'stationery' and re-uploaded all of the pages and fixed all of the links pointing to it. What a job!! You may need to refresh the page that has the link to it for the link to change properly. If you have any further problems with it, please let me know. The link to the main index should now read and not
and all of the pages in it should have 'stationery' as the folder and not 'stats'.
For example
Thanks so much to the person that let me know about this problem.
On another note, I'm off camping in the morning and packing today, so I'll start on October's Calendars when I return on Saturday. I'll let you know when they're up. Last camping trip of the season and hopefully I'll have some spark to make some new stuff for all of you.
Have a great week!
Hugs, Ellie

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September calendars are up, new size in Back to School Wallpaper

 I've just uploaded the September calendars. 6 of them. Desktop Calendars
 I've also added the Netbook-Tablet size to the Back to School wallpaper
 Another month and camping season will be over. I hope to have more new stuff for you then.
 I hope you're all having a great summer!
 Hugs, Ellie

Sunday, July 29, 2012

August Calendars are up

  I've just uploaded the August calendars. 6 of them. Desktop Calendars
 Sorry I haven't had more for you lately, camping most of the summer and frankly, just burned out my creative spark at the moment. It'll return, it always does. Probably just in time to entertain me for the long cold winter!
 I always have the best intentions but at the moment, that's all I have!
 You'll hear more from me soon, I promise. Like I said, probably in the fall when my camping is all done for the summer.
 Have a great week!
 Hugs, Ellie

Monday, July 2, 2012

July Calendars are up, Summer wallpaper now in all formats and sizes

Hi everyone. Happy 4th of July!
I've just uploaded the July calendars. 4 Summer ones, 3 July 4th ones and a Canada Day one.
Desktop Calendars
I've also added new sizes and formats to the July 4th and Canada Day wallpaper pages, adding the png format and the netbook-tablet size.
I just finished editing all of the Summer wallpaper and they are all now available in both formats (jpg and png) and all 5 sizes from Netbook (1024X600) to Extra Large Wide-Screen (1920X1080).
Sorry you haven't seen much of me lately. I get burned out sometimes and just do other things besides graphics. The last few weeks I've been doing some research on improving my poor health (IBS, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, ADHD) with diet and I may have a handle on it now. I've got my fingers crossed that I'll start feeling better and more energetic soon!
Thanks for bearing with me and for your emails of concern when you don't hear from me for awhile.
Hugs, Ellie

Monday, May 28, 2012

June calendars up, some updated wallpaper

Hi everyone, I've just uploaded the June calendars, I've got 6 so far. I may make more, no promises. I seem to be spending large amounts of time away from my computer. I know! Unbelievable!!  Desktop Calendars
 If you check the New Wallpaper page, there are 2 wallpapers that I love that I added the new sizes and formats to. Goodnight Fairy and Chantal's Garden, right at the top.
 Hugs, Ellie

Sunday, April 29, 2012

May Desktop calendars up, new Spring stationery, wallpaper

Hi everyone. I have the first 3 desktop calendars up for May. I also loved the Easter tag called Easter Love Bunnies so much that I made it into a Spring tag and I have the stationery, wallpaper and desktop calendar to match. I'll put the extras in the tag section soon, either later today or tomorrow. I'll post again when I do.
 I will also be adding a few more calendars. I didn't think I'd get them done this month, my computer went on the blitz and thank goodness I had an image of my C drive made last December so I could put that back on. I lost a few programs but I'll just reinstall. Better than having to start from scratch and I didn't lose any data as I keep all of that on other drives.
 Check out the new stuff! I hope you like it!
 Spring Wallpaper     Spring Stationery     Desktop Calendars  
 Hugs, Ellie

Friday, April 6, 2012

3 more Easter tags up

I just added 3 more tags to the Easter Tags page. That will be it for this Easter, so I'll be working on Spring Tags next, then Mother's Day, Father's Day, July 4th, etc. The work never ends! LOL Love creating though!
 Have a wonderful Easter everyone.
 Hugs, Ellie

Thursday, April 5, 2012

2 new Easter wallpapers and stationery, tag pages back online

I've just added 2 more Easter Wallpaper and Easter Stationery.
 I'm just re-activated my tag pages and I have 2 Easter tags extras done and uploaded, in 3 sizes, all png format as it has better quality and has a transparent background. I may get some more uploaded tomorrow morning, not sure if I can, as I have company coming for Easter Dinner tomorrow. I'll post again when I get it done.
 Maybe Saturday morning if I run out of time tomorrow. I always get these brilliant ideas when I run out of time before a holiday. I must  like working under pressure! LOL
 The Tags Index page is here and the Easter Tags page is here.
 Hugs, Ellie