Thursday, November 1, 2012

Closing my website

Hi everyone: After much contemplation and with a heavy heart, I've decided I'm going to close my site. This blog will remain open and anything new I make will be posted here.
 Between my lack of creative spark and lack of interest in it, and then getting my hosting costs doubled last renewal period without notice, I've just decided to not continue. I do tend to go in streaks so I'll leave my options open about using my blog and free sites to continue some parts of my site.
 For the moment the site will remain up but not updated.
 I am paid up with hosting till June 2014 and with my domain name till Oct 2013. I am going to see if I can get a partial refund on my hosting and if I can, it will close down shortly, otherwise it should remain up till at least next October.
 I am keeping my blog and if I decide to continue on with tags, tutorials and desktop calendars, I'll update you on that on my blog and the update group.
 You can either follow this blog or join my main update group for updates:
 So if you want anything from the site, go and grab them now.
Most of the tuts are available in downloadable formats. Grab the wallpaper, fonts, stationery, etc
 If I decide to go ahead with writing tutorials at another time, I will either put them on this blog, open a new blog for them or find a free site to upload them to.
 In summary, after taking a break for as long as needed, I may continue on with tutorials, tags and monthly desktop calendars. I will not continue with the wallpaper, stationery and fonts. Stay tuned for updates.
 Thanks for sticking with me all of these years. I appreciate you all more than you can know.
 Hugs, Ellie