Friday, April 30, 2010

May Desktop Calendars up and 5 new Desktop Wallpapers

Hi everyone. I've been working hard all day and I have 3 desktop calendars up for May and 5 new wallpapers.
Check them  out here   New Wallpaper  Desktop Calendars here
2 of the Wallpaper and Calendars are Mother's Day themed, the other is a beautiful Fairy Child dancing.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fonts section completed and uploaded

Hi everyone. My entire fonts sections is back online now. I just finished uploading all of the pages and testing the links. I'm not sure if the host will have to review all of the files again or not but if you get the review message, that's what's going on. I don't think they have to review each time but mentioning it just in case.
Fonts are here:

Another thing I wanted to mention is that a few people have mentioned to me that Norton's is blocking my site. I just wanted to assure you that my site is completely safe. I have AVG running on my computer at all times and I also Googled my sites and all of my page hits were rated trusted and safe by AVG in Google. I really dislike Norton's, it often gives false positives and it often causes computer problems. You couldn't pay me enough to use any of their products. My husband and I used to repair computers and the first thing we asked was, do you have Norton's on it? If the answer was yes, we uninstalled it and 9 times out of 10 the computer problems cleared up. Each to their own, but I don't like it! LOL

While I appreciate your input on anything else, please don't write to tell me I should love Norton's because you do. I won't, honest. Cross my heart!!

Anyway, back to the problem. Those who allowed my site through despite Norton's are having no problems with it. My webhost also checks all files for malicious content, which is why we had the long wait to have my site reviewed and approved. So no worries, my site is completely safe.

I think I may be working on the tutorial section next. Since my stationery and wallpaper pages have the New wallpaper and New Stationery pages up, I can put all my new stuff there till I get the rest of the sections edited and uploaded. That's going to take quite awhile as each copyright compliant graphic I used before has to be redone to add the copyright info and license info where applicable. The ones that I cannot use at all, I'll have to either get rid of or redo the entire stationery and wallpaper with new tubes/graphics.

And of course, being the end of the month, I have to get the May calendars done.

Whew, startin' to sweat, thinking about it!! 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good news, stationery and fonts sections working

Hi everyone. Well good news finally. My stationery sites and font sites have been approved and now you can view them. I stopped working on them till it was approved as I didn't want to waste my time editing pages for links if the site wasn't going to work out.So the stationery pages still have just the new stationery page working and the fonts have some of the pages working as I mentioned before.
Now that they're working again, I'll start adding the font pages as I edit them, probably starting tomorrow, as the font pages will be quicker to finish.
I'll then start editing and adding the stationery pages as they all have to be gone through for copyright issues. Adding links and credits to the graphics and then redoing the stationery before reuploading them. But the important one is the New Stationery and that one is up.
Thanks for being patient!
Just to remind you, not all of the links and buttons work. Just under the New Fonts button you'll see a list of the working pages, which are New Fonts, # Fonts (those starting with a number or other non-alpha key), the Alphadings and the Dingbats.
In Stationery, only the New Stationery button works.
Fonts section here:
Stationery section here:
New Stationery:
Hugs, Ellie

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Minor snags in stationery and font pages

Ok, Ok, I know, more snags. LOL They don't tell you ahead of time but the host I used for my stationery and font pages manually review all of your files as soon as you upload your stuff. So if you go there now (if it's not done yet) you'll get a message saying the files are under review and it will be back in 2-4 hours. Apparently it takes much longer than that. I checked out their forum and some people are waiting 7 days or more. I hope this only happens when you first upload the site and not each time I upload a new file! So be patient if you go to the stationery and fonts pages. Once approved those sections will be back online. The rest of my site is somewhere different so I didn't run into that problem. Just those two sections. And once I add the tags section, it will be there too so it will be delayed as well.
Hugs, Ellie

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some stationery and fonts pages uploaded

Surprise! I have some of my stationery and some of my font pages back up! I found another webhost that will take those file formats so I've been working on it all day.
In the Stationery, I have the main index page and the New Stationery pages back online.
In the Fonts, I have the Fonts Index Page up, as well as New Fonts, #Fonts, Alphadings and Dingbats.
It's a huge job as I have to not only edit the page, I have to go to the counter service and change the addresses there as well for each page. Slow but steady! They have new addresses so if you've bookmarked these two sections previously, the old bookmarks won't work.
Find the Stationery Index page here:
Find the Fonts Index page here:
Don't forget, only a few buttons work so far, just the ones I mentioned above.
I'll be opening a section for my tags when I get caught up, so there will be a new address for them as well, currently the tags buttons don't work, I don't have those pages up.
Note: I tried to open the stationery pages in Opera and hubby tried to open them in Firefox and it said they were checking for file content and to come back later, so far I've just got that page. But I've had no trouble in Internet Explorer getting into the pages.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Snag in getting stationery online

Hi everyone. Well I've run into a snag with my new host. I cannot upload any of the 3 formats of my stationery, imf, exe and eml. It won't allow that file type. So it's back to the drawing board. I'll have to find another host, one that allows these formats. Or not offer stationery any longer. I could offer it on my blog but it would be one at a time as it's made, not in categories like it is now. At least that's the way I'm thinking right now. If I don't make stats I can still write tutorials and offer the desktop wallpaper and calendars, possibly the fonts. I'll have to think about this.
Let me know how you feel about it. I've been making stationery so long I don't know how I'll feel about stopping!Email button at the bottom if you want to tell me how you feel about it. If you know of any free webhost that allows uploading of these 3 formats, could you let me know please?
On another note, I found out that the problem with the previous webhost had nothing to do with me. I ran across the webhosting review site and there are dozens of people on there all complaining about the same thing. Most of us have been with One Dollar Host for 3 years or more. They all had the same thing happen, the webhost site went down for a day, came back online that night and that day all of these people's websites disappeared. No response to any messages sent. Everyone is royally teed off to say the least and most are either giving up or switching to a new host, and just writing off the money they already paid for webhosting. I was paid up for 3 years but still had another full year to go on it. I know I'll never see a refund of that money so I'll just write it off.
I did just upload John's wallpaper and my New Wallpaper page which has all of my newest wallpaper on it.
Have a great day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

site back up

Hi everyone. Well I took the plunge and transferred my domain to a new webhost. Let's hope this one works out better. All of my site addresses are the same as before. I will not be offering fonts any more as this may have been the problem with the last webhost. I don't know since they wouldn't answer me. I've got a start in reuploading all of my pages but I don't have the tutorials, desktop wallpaper and stationery pages up yet as I will have to comb through those for copyright issues before uploading them. I will only reupload my newer stationery and wallpaper, the ones I have copyright info on. I won't be reuploading all of the translated tutorials either as some of those tags have copyright issues, both with using more than one artist per tag and not having the artists' copyrights on them. They are impossible to fix due to those reasons and I'm not taking a chance on losing another site. I do hope to start writing tutorials again and will keep you posted about that. I'll also keep you posted when I add the rest of the pages to my site as I go along. Thanks for sticking with me! Hugs, Ellie

Thursday, April 15, 2010

re my site

Hi everyone. I'm still working on trying to get my site back. My webhosts have refused to answer any emails and phone calls I've made, not one message back. I have found a free webhost that I can upload some of my site too, it's not unlimited like the one I had but I don't trust paying for one again and them taking my money and removing my site without the courtesy of any answers. I needed to simplify anyway, I had way too much there and trying to make it all copyright compliant was a nightmare, considering the foreign tutorials I translated and the older stuff I had. I just want to see today if I can get ahold of someone at my webhost and if not, I'll sign up with the new host and see about transfering my domain over. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for sticking with me!
Hugs, Ellie

Sunday, April 4, 2010

my site is not gone for good

Hi everyone. Many of you have been writing me and asking about my site. It's not gone for good, my hosting company made some kind of error and made my account inactive, possibly thinking my account expired in March 2010 instead of March 2011. That's the only thing I can think of. I've contacted their customer service and he said my account is inactive. I said why? He said it expired, I've only renewed for 3 years. I said right, that was in 2008 and this is 2010, 2 years. Oh yeah, he says, I see that now. So he said he'd get in touch with the right people and let them know and I'd hear back in 24-48 hours. That was on Friday. Being a holiday weekend I don't expect to hear back from them till at least Tuesday. But I'll be back! I'm only hoping they don't delete my site before that, at the moment I can still connect with my ftp program so I know the files are still there. Wish me luck!
Thanks to those who wrote and inquired about it, I'm glad you're missing me!
Have a great Easter.
Hugs, Ellie