Friday, April 16, 2010

site back up

Hi everyone. Well I took the plunge and transferred my domain to a new webhost. Let's hope this one works out better. All of my site addresses are the same as before. I will not be offering fonts any more as this may have been the problem with the last webhost. I don't know since they wouldn't answer me. I've got a start in reuploading all of my pages but I don't have the tutorials, desktop wallpaper and stationery pages up yet as I will have to comb through those for copyright issues before uploading them. I will only reupload my newer stationery and wallpaper, the ones I have copyright info on. I won't be reuploading all of the translated tutorials either as some of those tags have copyright issues, both with using more than one artist per tag and not having the artists' copyrights on them. They are impossible to fix due to those reasons and I'm not taking a chance on losing another site. I do hope to start writing tutorials again and will keep you posted about that. I'll also keep you posted when I add the rest of the pages to my site as I go along. Thanks for sticking with me! Hugs, Ellie

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Val said...

It's so great to see your fantastic site back up Ellie...and it gives me a chance to say a huge Thank You for sharing all your hard work so generously ((hugs))