Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some stationery and fonts pages uploaded

Surprise! I have some of my stationery and some of my font pages back up! I found another webhost that will take those file formats so I've been working on it all day.
In the Stationery, I have the main index page and the New Stationery pages back online.
In the Fonts, I have the Fonts Index Page up, as well as New Fonts, #Fonts, Alphadings and Dingbats.
It's a huge job as I have to not only edit the page, I have to go to the counter service and change the addresses there as well for each page. Slow but steady! They have new addresses so if you've bookmarked these two sections previously, the old bookmarks won't work.
Find the Stationery Index page here:
Find the Fonts Index page here:
Don't forget, only a few buttons work so far, just the ones I mentioned above.
I'll be opening a section for my tags when I get caught up, so there will be a new address for them as well, currently the tags buttons don't work, I don't have those pages up.
Note: I tried to open the stationery pages in Opera and hubby tried to open them in Firefox and it said they were checking for file content and to come back later, so far I've just got that page. But I've had no trouble in Internet Explorer getting into the pages.

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SharonKay said...

Woo Hoo! Doing the happy dance. Way to go, Ellie.