Monday, April 19, 2010

Snag in getting stationery online

Hi everyone. Well I've run into a snag with my new host. I cannot upload any of the 3 formats of my stationery, imf, exe and eml. It won't allow that file type. So it's back to the drawing board. I'll have to find another host, one that allows these formats. Or not offer stationery any longer. I could offer it on my blog but it would be one at a time as it's made, not in categories like it is now. At least that's the way I'm thinking right now. If I don't make stats I can still write tutorials and offer the desktop wallpaper and calendars, possibly the fonts. I'll have to think about this.
Let me know how you feel about it. I've been making stationery so long I don't know how I'll feel about stopping!Email button at the bottom if you want to tell me how you feel about it. If you know of any free webhost that allows uploading of these 3 formats, could you let me know please?
On another note, I found out that the problem with the previous webhost had nothing to do with me. I ran across the webhosting review site and there are dozens of people on there all complaining about the same thing. Most of us have been with One Dollar Host for 3 years or more. They all had the same thing happen, the webhost site went down for a day, came back online that night and that day all of these people's websites disappeared. No response to any messages sent. Everyone is royally teed off to say the least and most are either giving up or switching to a new host, and just writing off the money they already paid for webhosting. I was paid up for 3 years but still had another full year to go on it. I know I'll never see a refund of that money so I'll just write it off.
I did just upload John's wallpaper and my New Wallpaper page which has all of my newest wallpaper on it.
Have a great day!

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TammyJo said...

You could upload the imf files to 4 shared ( get a free account ) then add the hyperlink to the item to the 4 shared hyperlink that it gives you to link back for it .....then persons can still download as they did in the past. IMF will work with 4 shared because I use it for mine also. I think exe works also, if not perhaps zipping the file would make it able to be downloaded. Love your blog ! Hugs, TammyJo