Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fonts section completed and uploaded

Hi everyone. My entire fonts sections is back online now. I just finished uploading all of the pages and testing the links. I'm not sure if the host will have to review all of the files again or not but if you get the review message, that's what's going on. I don't think they have to review each time but mentioning it just in case.
Fonts are here:

Another thing I wanted to mention is that a few people have mentioned to me that Norton's is blocking my site. I just wanted to assure you that my site is completely safe. I have AVG running on my computer at all times and I also Googled my sites and all of my page hits were rated trusted and safe by AVG in Google. I really dislike Norton's, it often gives false positives and it often causes computer problems. You couldn't pay me enough to use any of their products. My husband and I used to repair computers and the first thing we asked was, do you have Norton's on it? If the answer was yes, we uninstalled it and 9 times out of 10 the computer problems cleared up. Each to their own, but I don't like it! LOL

While I appreciate your input on anything else, please don't write to tell me I should love Norton's because you do. I won't, honest. Cross my heart!!

Anyway, back to the problem. Those who allowed my site through despite Norton's are having no problems with it. My webhost also checks all files for malicious content, which is why we had the long wait to have my site reviewed and approved. So no worries, my site is completely safe.

I think I may be working on the tutorial section next. Since my stationery and wallpaper pages have the New wallpaper and New Stationery pages up, I can put all my new stuff there till I get the rest of the sections edited and uploaded. That's going to take quite awhile as each copyright compliant graphic I used before has to be redone to add the copyright info and license info where applicable. The ones that I cannot use at all, I'll have to either get rid of or redo the entire stationery and wallpaper with new tubes/graphics.

And of course, being the end of the month, I have to get the May calendars done.

Whew, startin' to sweat, thinking about it!! 

Have a great day!

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