Thursday, April 22, 2010

Minor snags in stationery and font pages

Ok, Ok, I know, more snags. LOL They don't tell you ahead of time but the host I used for my stationery and font pages manually review all of your files as soon as you upload your stuff. So if you go there now (if it's not done yet) you'll get a message saying the files are under review and it will be back in 2-4 hours. Apparently it takes much longer than that. I checked out their forum and some people are waiting 7 days or more. I hope this only happens when you first upload the site and not each time I upload a new file! So be patient if you go to the stationery and fonts pages. Once approved those sections will be back online. The rest of my site is somewhere different so I didn't run into that problem. Just those two sections. And once I add the tags section, it will be there too so it will be delayed as well.
Hugs, Ellie

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