Sunday, September 30, 2007

Update #2 - new Halloween/Fantasy stationery and wallpaper, news about blinkie calendars

I've just uploaded a new Halloween/Fantasy stationery and wallpaper called Spider's Soul, using art from the talented Cris Ortega.
Here's a small sample of the graphic used in both the stationery and the wallpaper.

I was going to make the Blinkie calendars tomorrow but was just reminded by hubby that we are going on a day trip up north to see the colors and I'll be gone from very early morning to late evening, so the blinkie calendars will be a day late. Sorry about that.

Update-Desktop and Scrap Calendars up, Ingrid has a new scrap element

Ingrid has added a new scrap item to her page, Magic Frames.

I've finished the Desktop Calendars and the Scrap Calendars for October.
I've added a new size to the Scrap Calendars, each one is available in approximately 600X500 size and also as a mini, 250X210.
Here's a sample of one of the mini-scraps and there's another one in the right border, a Halloween one.

One of the scrap calendars, an Autumn one, is also available as a full-size desktop calendar.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

New translated blend tag tutorial-stationery-wallpaper

I've just translated a new blend tag tutorial, Country Companions, originally written in Dutch by Lien of X-clusive Designz. It's for PSP. Here's a small sample.

A beautiful, Autumn blend tag. I just love it!
I have also received permission to translate tutorials for Secret of Luna, a French site. Only a few tutorials there but they are very nice. I hope to have one of them done soon.
I've also uploaded matching stationery and wallpaper. New Stationery New Wallpaper
But first, on to the monthly calendars for October. I'm running out of time!! I hope to have them all done tomorrow and uploaded. I've finished the desktop ones and one mini scrap but none are uploaded yet. Tomorrow, I'm tired. LOL Have a great night everyone.

Update-nearly 800 megs of scrap kits

Have I got a great surprise for you scrapping fans! My group, Ellie's Scrapkit Challenge has finished it's first month of kits. Check them out here.
Our theme was Autumn and we have 30 full kits, 5 minikits, 10 individual paper packs, 41 quick pages and layered templates, with a few of the kits already resized for taggers. Nearly 800 megs of stuff, all with the Autumn theme.
Our next theme will be Halloween, with the taggers kits coming out around the 15th or 16th of October and the full size kits coming out at the end of October. In the coming month we will have members making just taggers kits and others doing the full size kits, so we will be offering many more taggers kits for Halloween.
Keep your eye on these pages for the announcement when the taggers kits are ready.
Or subscribe to my update group, Ellie's Treasures Updates.
I have started a page for my own scrapkits as well. Check it out here, only my Autumn kit is there so far.
I have a new Scrapbooking Index Page for easy access to the group kits, my own kits, Ingrid's scrap kits, and the scrapbooking tutorial links page.
Here's a small preview of my own kit.

Believe me when I say there are many just as good and better on the Scrapkit Challenge Kits page.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Update-2 translated PhotoImpact blend tag tuts-new wallpaper and new stationery

I've translated two PhotoImpact tutorials from Violettegraphic. Both blend tags and gorgeous! Blend Alyséa

and Blend Lorianne.

Although these tutorials are for PhotoImpact, they would be extremely easy to do in other programs. I've converted the PhotoImpact files to psd files that can be opened in any program, so give it a try!
I've also uploaded more New Stationery and New Wallpaper, made from these tutorials and extra wallpaper to coordinate.

Friday, September 14, 2007

New page on site - List of scrapbooking element tutorials

I almost forgot to tell you about this. I've added a new feature to my site, mainly to help my Scrapbook Challenge group but I'll share it with all of you as well. This is a list of Scrapbooking tutorial links, not tutorials I've written but tutorials I've found on the Internet, for PSP, PhotoImpact and Photoshop/Photoshop Elements. I'll add to it as time permits. It's called Scrapbooking Tutorial Links. How original is that?? LOL Check it out, maybe you'll find some new tuts. This is a list of links to specific tutorials. If you want a list of links to Scrapbooking tutorial sites, check out my Great Beginnings page.
Hugs, Ellie

The rest of the updates-3 more tutorials, lots of stationery and wallpaper

Continuing from the last post, I have three more translated tutorials uploaded, all from Marijke's PSP Design
Frame Corine

Frame Babette

blend tag Beauty of Nature.

Along with, of course, lots more New Wallpaper and New Stationery.
I have just finished translating a PhotoImpact tutorial from Violettegraphic, and one more in the works so for you PhotoImpact users, I hope you will like them! They are both blend tags.
I've started a new Yahoo group in which all of the members create parts to a digital scrap kit, so by the end of this month, we'll have a beautiful huge Autumn scrap kit for you, all full of goodies. The ladies that have joined me, some new scrappers and some experienced, are all very talented so you will get a wonderful kit! I'll be posting soon about those 2 new tutorials for PhotoImpact. Have a wonderful day everyone! Hugs, Ellie

Lots of updates

I've been forgetting to update my blog that last couple of weeks, but I have lots of updates. No need to mention that all of the scrap, desktop and blinkie calendars for September are up. LOL I have 5 new translated tutorials online, 2 frame tutorials, 2 blend tag tutorials and 1 scrap tag tutorial. 2 are from Violettegraphic and they are
Scrap Rosalinde

and Blend Joslyne

Matching desktop wallpaper and Outlook Express and Incredimail stationery have been uploaded as well. Check out the New Wallpaper and New Stationery pages.
So as not to make this post too long, I'll tell you about the other new tuts in the next post!
Hugs, Ellie