Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Updates-new tutorial, new stationery, new wallpaper

I've finished a new background tile/stationery tutorial called Scratched Diamonds . It can be done in all the major graphic programs, PSP, PI, PS, PSE.
Here's a small preview of the tile and the stationery

I also have the Christmas Angel stationery and wallpaper up, the stationery and wallpaper to match the Fantasy tutorial I posted about just below, and also one extra set of stationery and wallpaper called I'm in the Mood for Love.
Find them all here: New Stationery New Wallpaper
I am having surgery tomorrow morning and if all goes well, I'll be out of the hospital in just a few days. So if you write and I don't respond, I'm still in the hospital or not quite recovered yet. Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

New translation, Fantasy Blend tag

I've completed a translation from Grafica Paola called Fantasy, a blend tag.
Here's a small preview:

I haven't completed the stationery and wallpaper to match yet.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Translated tut-new permissions to translate-stationery fixed

I've received permission to translate the tutorials of Lamiagrafica so the tutorial Autunno (Autumn) I translated a couple of weeks ago is now uploaded. I made a mistake and asked the wrong person and Isa from Lamiagrafica wrote 2 days ago to let me know I had made a mistake, so all is well now. I've had the matching wallpaper and stationery uploaded for 2 weeks now but the stationery has the wrong info in the footer to credit the original writer and to add the link to my translation, so if you got it before, if you could please go and replace it with the corrected copy? Thanks. New Stationery
Here's a small preview of the tutorial

I have also been requested by a Dutch writer, Riet Kuisters, to translate her tutorials and I agreed. And of course Grafica Paola that I mentioned 2 weeks ago. I will hopefully be up to translating a number of tutorials from all of my ladies as soon after surgery (Nov 22) as I am recovered somewhat. I am translating for 13 writers now so I have many, many beautiful tutorials to choose from.
The index page for all of the writers I translate for is here.
It links to each writer's index page and also lists the home site of each writer.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

40 new fonts

Morning everyone. I've just added 40 new fonts to my font pages. Check out the New Fonts page. Maybe you'll find a few that you like!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Scrapkit Challenge group

I forgot to mention in my post on Oct 31, when I posted about all of the Halloween scrapkits on my site, that Kathy B took over the group and the new address is:
Go check it out, she's going to keep the group alive and they're just starting a new kit. I bet you'd just love to join in! I think they're doing a wintery theme this time.
Keep your eyes on this blog for the announcement when the kits are done and uploaded for the public. They won't be on my site, but on Kathy's site and I'll give you the address to them when I have it.

November blinkie calendars up, also December blinkie and desktop calendars

I've made the November blinkie calendars and they're on the Blinkie Calendars page.
I've also made December's blinkie calendars and desktop calendars.
Sorry the November ones are slow in coming but the reason for that is also the reason I made the December calendars early. I'm on a liquid diet right now in preparation for surgery on Nov 22 and it's wiped out my energy and my creative muse. I'm having a hard time getting this stuff done but didn't want to let you down. I'll try and get a few scrap calendars done but I'm not promising anything. Sorry about that but I hope you enjoy what I've made so far!
I may not be able to be at my computer to make the December calendars, which is why I am putting them up early.
Have a great week!