Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Translated tut-new permissions to translate-stationery fixed

I've received permission to translate the tutorials of Lamiagrafica so the tutorial Autunno (Autumn) I translated a couple of weeks ago is now uploaded. I made a mistake and asked the wrong person and Isa from Lamiagrafica wrote 2 days ago to let me know I had made a mistake, so all is well now. I've had the matching wallpaper and stationery uploaded for 2 weeks now but the stationery has the wrong info in the footer to credit the original writer and to add the link to my translation, so if you got it before, if you could please go and replace it with the corrected copy? Thanks. New Stationery
Here's a small preview of the tutorial

I have also been requested by a Dutch writer, Riet Kuisters, to translate her tutorials and I agreed. And of course Grafica Paola that I mentioned 2 weeks ago. I will hopefully be up to translating a number of tutorials from all of my ladies as soon after surgery (Nov 22) as I am recovered somewhat. I am translating for 13 writers now so I have many, many beautiful tutorials to choose from.
The index page for all of the writers I translate for is here.
It links to each writer's index page and also lists the home site of each writer.
Have a great day!

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