Sunday, November 4, 2007

November blinkie calendars up, also December blinkie and desktop calendars

I've made the November blinkie calendars and they're on the Blinkie Calendars page.
I've also made December's blinkie calendars and desktop calendars.
Sorry the November ones are slow in coming but the reason for that is also the reason I made the December calendars early. I'm on a liquid diet right now in preparation for surgery on Nov 22 and it's wiped out my energy and my creative muse. I'm having a hard time getting this stuff done but didn't want to let you down. I'll try and get a few scrap calendars done but I'm not promising anything. Sorry about that but I hope you enjoy what I've made so far!
I may not be able to be at my computer to make the December calendars, which is why I am putting them up early.
Have a great week!

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