Monday, August 23, 2010

20 new stationeries, most are summer, 2 are back-to-school

Hi everyone. I've been hard at work on the stationery and just added 20 new ones to the New Stationery page. 2 of them are School related and all but one of the rest are Summer, the last one is Summer but also Fantasy and saves in the Fantasy stationery folder.
I've added a Back-to-school wallpaper page and a Back-to-school stationery page.
I've also added the Summer page to the stationery section, most but not all of them are on the New Stationery page.
Whew, now I need to watch some TV and read a book to wind down. Have a great night!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More new wallpaper and August desktop calendars

I've added more wallpaper to the Summer section (some of them are on the New Wallpaper page as well) and another couple of August Desktop Calendars. I'm getting punch drunk!! And my butt is sore. LOL
As I am working with all of these new tags I'm making them all into stationery and wallpaper and some into calendars, so once I'm done working with all of my summer tags made over the last 2 years, I'll start converting the stationery into OE and EML stats, making the thumbnails and uploading them.
Desktop Calendars New Wallpaper Summer Wallpaper

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Desktop wallpaper-Summer section all redone and uploaded

I've been working hard again. I've redone all of the wallpaper in the Summer section, some of them are pretty well brand new as I've had to replace images in some. Go take a look!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aug, Sept, Oct Desktop Calendars and lots of new wallpaper

Hi everyone. I've been working hard. I've just added 2 more August Desktop Calendars, 6 September Desktop Calendars and 2 October Desktop Calendars. I've also added 10 new Desktop Wallpaper to the New Wallpaper page.
Find the new items here: Desktop Calendars and New Wallpaper.
I hope to get a lot of stationery done tomorrow, it's been awhile since I've got any stationery done. I want to update and upload the Summer pages for both the wallpaper and stationery. I'll keep you posted.
Have a great night!