Monday, August 23, 2010

20 new stationeries, most are summer, 2 are back-to-school

Hi everyone. I've been hard at work on the stationery and just added 20 new ones to the New Stationery page. 2 of them are School related and all but one of the rest are Summer, the last one is Summer but also Fantasy and saves in the Fantasy stationery folder.
I've added a Back-to-school wallpaper page and a Back-to-school stationery page.
I've also added the Summer page to the stationery section, most but not all of them are on the New Stationery page.
Whew, now I need to watch some TV and read a book to wind down. Have a great night!

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Miss Renee said...

I just love your site and you have worked so hard! Boo to one dollar hosts - they just lost me as a potential customer, goodness.
I hope that makes it a little better today for you (smiles)
I loved your font section, I nearly did all the letters and I love your selection, very good. I am looking for a very specific font.
One used by Paislee Press word arts, like a handwritten script that ends with some flourish but not too much flourish.
Just google her to see what I mean.
Anyhow, I got heaps of fonts, and will love making some alphas with them and when I do, I will return with lots of freebies for you to have xxx thanks