Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good news, stationery and fonts sections working

Hi everyone. Well good news finally. My stationery sites and font sites have been approved and now you can view them. I stopped working on them till it was approved as I didn't want to waste my time editing pages for links if the site wasn't going to work out.So the stationery pages still have just the new stationery page working and the fonts have some of the pages working as I mentioned before.
Now that they're working again, I'll start adding the font pages as I edit them, probably starting tomorrow, as the font pages will be quicker to finish.
I'll then start editing and adding the stationery pages as they all have to be gone through for copyright issues. Adding links and credits to the graphics and then redoing the stationery before reuploading them. But the important one is the New Stationery and that one is up.
Thanks for being patient!
Just to remind you, not all of the links and buttons work. Just under the New Fonts button you'll see a list of the working pages, which are New Fonts, # Fonts (those starting with a number or other non-alpha key), the Alphadings and the Dingbats.
In Stationery, only the New Stationery button works.
Fonts section here:
Stationery section here:
New Stationery:
Hugs, Ellie

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