Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Update-new background tile tutorial

I have a new background tutorial that can be done in any graphic program called Crystal Lace Tile. This can even be done in any free program that allows 3rd party filter use, such as IrfanView. I like the subtle backgrounds that can be used often for just about anything and not clash and this fits the bill quite nicely. I did not have to make a separate tutorial for all of the programs as this is so simple it wasn't needed. Another thing I like about this background is that it can be greatly optimized and still look good. Depending on the color used and the variations you use, they all turn out different.
See the examples above.

I have 4 more translations done in text format and will be assembling them this week and making all of the goodies such as stats and wallpaper to go with each one. I also have 3 more of my own tutorials in the works. Lots of new stuff coming your way! Have a super day!
Take care! Hugs, Ellie

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battery said...

It look nice. I like it very much.