Thursday, June 28, 2007

Updates-Canadian and Canada Day scrap tags, stationery, desktop wallpaper

I've converted the Canadian scrap calendar I made yesterday into a number of new stationery, desktop wallpaper and tags. They don't have the calendar on them. There are two designs, "Happy Canada Day"

and "Proud to be a Canadian"

so they can be used for longer than just Canada Day! Hate to have my work thrown away after one day! There are small samples of each design on the left. If you like these tiny previews, feel free to snag them and use them as tags. There are larger tags on the New Tag page. Don't remove my watermark please.
Both of these designs were made with the Canada Day scrap kit by Fishinmom Designs.
I'm running behind! Why do I take these projects on when I have to be making my calendars! LOL Gotta run now. Bye.

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