Monday, September 14, 2009

Great Beginnings page-getting there!

Hi everyone, I'm getting there with the page. I've finished checking the English PSP tutorial section, adding more as I go along with my terrible surfing addiction. LOL I'm now halfway done the scrapbooking section. I'm waiting till I have this section done before uploading the entire thing, because I split the major sections into new pages and it's easier to upload all at once. I'm glad you're all being so patient. I'll be done soon!
I did have to put a no select script on the page as I've seen that page stolen so many times I can't believe it. Rather than just send people to my page, people are copying and pasting the entire page onto their websites, without a word of credit for my site. I'm pretty easy-going about this kind of stuff but this page takes me forever to work on, as you can see. You can still right click on the page if, for instance, you want to right click and open a link in a new tab or a new window. But no more copying the entire page and pasting it into other websites or emails.
Anyway, I hope to have the page done by this weekend and uploaded, but you know what happens to all great plans. LOL Keep your fingers crossed.
Have a great day!
Hugs, Ellie

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