Monday, September 7, 2009

Great Beginnings page taking longer than expected

Hi everyone. I'm sorry the Great Beginnings page is taking longer than I expected to check before uploading. The job is huge to begin with and I thought the worst part was over in inputting the links. But for each dead link I find I have to check it out, see if I can find the site before deleting the link entirely, and then with my ADHD problems, I keep going off on a tangent. I may find the site or another one while looking for it, and think ok, I'll just add that one to the page too! Then of course I have to go and download kits, look up tuts and it just goes from one thing to another. I've almost got the PSP English tuts all checked, I'm up to the P's! LOL Since I'm splitting the page into various categories, as it's got too long for easy browsing, I'll upload the tuts section page as soon as I'm done with it. I hope it's worth the wait!! I think it is! LOL
Take care
Hugs, Ellie

1 comment:

Vaybs said...

Hi Ellie!!
So this is where you're at,
been looking at your smiling face at so many of my 4shared downloads now!!
Thank you for that, you brighten up a scrappers day!!
Thanx for the comment on my attitude, I like it too, LOL !!
Have a great day !!