Sunday, May 6, 2007

Update-my daughter's new clothing line and news re a translation

I've just added a page featuring my daughter Tami's clothing line. T-shirts, hoodies, tanks tops, camisoles, sweatshirts. With her designs on the front, some funny, some sarcastic, some inspirational. A large variety for all moods in all sizes. I won't be selling them, she has her own site for that. I just wanted to show them to you so you can see for yourself the great work and maybe buy some from her! They are very reasonably priced. Her page is here. Her site, called Abstract Weasel, is here.
Don't worry, I'm not turning into a commercial site. But when your kids do something that you are so proud of, you have to share it. My other daughter is writing a children's book that's just wonderful. I'll share that news with you as well when she's done. It's like the Harry Potter line of books. Fantastic, if I say so myself! She's also an artist so she will be illustrating the book herself.
I'm losing weight and I fully intend to buy some when I get to my goal.
I'm almost done converting the translated scrap tutorial called "Life's Journey" to the other programs. I finished PS, now have to check that out in PSE, and then do the PI version. If I don't get distracted, I hope to have it done today. I'll post when it's done. Have a stupendous day!

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