Monday, May 28, 2007

Update-New scrap blend tag tutorial, new stationery, wallpaper, new shirts

I have a few updates for you. I've finished my new Scrap Blend tutorial, called This Little Light. You can find the links to it here for the various programs. I've written it for PSP, PhotoImpact, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. There's a small screenshot to the left of the finished tag.

As you will see, I'm making a few changes to my site navigation. Easier for me and less pages to work on. When you follow the link I gave for the tag tutorial, you will see that I have one Tag Index page now and under each screenshot of the tut is a link to each individual program it's written for. I think this will be much better. It's a lot of work to change this around so I'll be working on it slowly. For now, the Tag Tutorial pages are done. I have stationery and wallpaper uploaded that matches this new tutorial. Check them out here: New Wallpaper New Stationery
My daughter Tami also has a couple of new shirts on her Abstract Weasel clothing page.
Have a super day everyone!

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