Monday, February 25, 2008

Update - 2 new translated tutorials-note about synching software

I've got 2 new translations done from Violette at Violettegraphics.
A beautiful frame tut called Cadre Valentin and a gorgeous blend tag called Amour Toujours. Here are small examples:

I hope you like them! I haven't done the matching stationery and wallpaper yet, I hope to get that done in the next day or two. Hubby's home on vacation next week so I'm not sure how much I'll get done.
I've been having major computer problems. I started smelling really strong burning plastic a few days ago so frantically started burning things off on DVD's, like my website. Then it started shutting itself down, with no word of warning. John got it going again and I would back up more stuff and it would shut down again. Finally I convinced him that yes, you can fix the power supply yourself. So he did! He said the only thing he's never fixed on a computer yet is the motherboard, and I told him he may find out this week how to do that too, depending on if any damage was done to the motherboard during this little adventure. So wish me luck! It's been a rough winter trying to get things done for my site, between my surgery, lack of energy and now computer problems. Thank goodness I lost no data though. Yet.I'd been procrastinating about setting up a backup program, but there's nothing like the feeling of OMG, I'm going to lose everything to kick you in the bum about getting that done. I bought a 500 gig external hard drive (at half price!) and started backing up everything. I actually found out I didn't need a backup program as much as I needed a synching program. So I found AllSync and I love it. After the first batch of backing up the original folders, it now backs up 270 gigs of my data every night in 20 minutes! All it does is look for changed, deleted or added folders and files and it mirrors the original folder exactly, leaving the unchanged files alone. What a great program. Have a great night everyone!

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