Monday, February 4, 2008

New stationery and desktop wallpaper

Here's an update I forgot to post at the time so I'm doing it now. . . . Surprise everyone! Did you think I got lost? I was just about done recovering from surgery when I came down with a nasty head and chest cold. I still have it but getting better. I want to thank everyone for the hundreds of emails enquiring about my health. It's so nice to know that you guys missed me and worried about me.I thought I'd get my feet wet by doing someone else's tutorial. I love Carolaine and Sensibility tutorials so I did one of theirs. New stationery, Always be my Valentine, and 3 new wallpaper to match.
Here are some small examples, first one is the stationery, next two are the wallpaper, there's also one more wallpaper with "My Desktop" in gold script on it.

New Stationery New Wallpaper
I hope to do a translation this week. Hopefully I'll continue to recover and can keep updating my site. Sorry for the long absence. I did get a lot of reading done! LOL I hope you're having a great weekend!

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