Monday, February 25, 2008

More updates-2 revised translations and an Easter Tag translation

I've redone two scrap tag tutorials, from Marian's PSP-Lessen, that were removed a few months ago while Marian rewrote them. Past and Faith . Past has been slightly rewritten and Faith only had to have the frame tube removed from the supplies (the small frame around the woman's face-see example), for which you'll have to choose one yourself to replace it.
Here are small examples, Past on the left and Faith on the right:

I've also translated a beautiful and sweet Easter tutorial from Jet, of Jetje's PSP Creaties, called Celebrate Easter.
Here's a small example:

Isn't it just gorgeous! I haven't done the stationery and wallpaper to match this one yet.
What I'm going to try and get done today is separate the holiday and seasonal tutorials out into separate index pages, so you can find all of the Easter tuts together, Valentine, Winter, Autumn, etc. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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