Sunday, January 2, 2011

January and February calendars, tuts back online

Woohoo, my first post of the new year.
Hi everyone. I haven't posted but I've been busy the last two weeks. I have almost all of the tutorials, both mine and translated, back online. The only translated tuts left to do are the stationery tutorials (which are all PSPIartes tuts) and my own stationery tuts. I left them till last as many of the tubes will have to be edited out and replaced with copyright safe ones.
I have my Creating Desktop Wallpaper tut left to redo and my Stationery Design tut. I have my frame tuts back up, 2 completely, one still has to be done in PSP and PS but the PI is done, and one has to be done for all programs yet. I think that is it for the tuts. Maybe I can start writing new tuts again once my site is whipped back into shape.
Tutorial Index
I've got many January and February desktop calendars online now and still working on more February ones as I am working on my Valentine wallpaper and stationery pages. For January I also have a summer one for my overseas site visitors from the other side of the world! Keep checking back as I'm adding calendars almost every day as I work. Once the Valentine pages are whipped into shape, they'll be uploaded as well and I'll let you know when that is.
Desktop Calendars
I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season!
John came back sick from my Mom's on Boxing Day and got a bit better, went back to work, and came back from work the second day sicker than a dog, and that is one sick puppy!
Have a great day everyone! I am!
Hugs, Ellie

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