Sunday, July 20, 2008

Update-second one for today-calendars, wallpaper, stationery uploaded

OK, I felt so guilty leaving you without desktop calendars for 2 months (and more counting the months I've missed) that I went and made 2 desktop calendars for August and 2 for September. There's new desktop wallpaper and stationery as well. Now I can go on my trip with a clear conscience. LOL
Have a great day!
New Stationery New Wallpaper Desktop Calendars


Simply Sweet Tutorials said...

you won!! check out my blog to find out, hehe.

Sonel said...

Oh, I really miss you hon. Can't wait for September to come so you can come back...:-)

In the meantime...I nominated your for another award..LOL! Stop by my blog for more details...:-)

Love & Hugs

SirenaMala said...

Hi,you have won an award in my blog