Sunday, July 3, 2011

More summer-themed wallpaper, stationery, desktop calendars

Hi everyone. I've added 2 more summer themed wallpapers, stationeries and desktop calendars to those pages.
Find them here: New Stationery New Wallpaper Desktop Calendars
Computer keeps crashing. Actually my monitor goes black with all dancing colored pinpoints of color. I think that's called colored static noise or something like that. Sometimes my screen comes back but all the buttons, etc are funny, sometimes it doesn't.
I've had to turn my computer off twice today and leave it off for awhile. Once I was almost done a wallpaper and had failed to save, of course the screen goes black and doesn't come back. GRRRR
Might be time to start thinking of a new computer!
Have a great night everyone.
Hugs, Ellie

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