Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 more calendars, stationery, wallpaper and a personal note

Hi everyone. I've added 3 more summer themed wallpapers, stationeries and desktop calendars to those pages.
Find them here:
New Stationery
New Wallpaper
Desktop Calendars
I wanted to take a moment here to pay tribute to my dear friend, Ellen "Ellie" Lennen, who passed away June 20, 2011. We were online friends for 6 years and were in contact every day, often many times a day, by email, and she was a wonderful person. I got an email from her on June 20 and didn't hear back again for days, so I started emailing her asking if she was ok, finally I started calling over a number of nights with no answer.
With a lot of trepidation and a heavy heart I started looking for her local newspapers last night and found her obituary, she died the same day she wrote me last. I don't know what happened but I am totally grief-stricken. And I am so sorry that I never got on the phone to her when she was alive, as I kept meaning to. So if you have an online friend you keep meaning to call, please do it. Someday it may be too late.
I will miss her so much and I'll never have the opportunity to hear her voice now.
Hugs, Ellie

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ellie,

You have become my on-line friend over the years. I don't stay in contact but I do visit you through your blog to make sure you are okay....and to "borrow" some of your wonderful creations. A gift also to see you are feeling so much better than a year or so ago. God Bless You and your dear family.
Marcie Davis, Bolivia, NC