Thursday, June 30, 2011

2 July Desktop Calendar up-Canada Day stationery and wallpaper pages uploaded

Hi everyone. Been having computer problems and spent the last week in mortal combat with my computer to see who would win my big hard drive, the one with all of my kits, templates, etc on it. I WON!! Finally. And didn't lose too much either.
Anyway, I'm running behind on everything now.
I've just uploaded the first two July Desktop Calendars, both are for Canada Day or any patriotic Canadians. They aren't necessarily just for Canada Day.
I also put up my Canada Day wallpaper page, again that wallpaper can be used any time of year, and the matching stationery is up on my new Canada Day stationery page.
Tomorrow I'll work on some more Desktop Calendars and also work on getting my July 4th stationery page up (I thought it already was!). My July 4th wallpaper page is already up.
Have a great day! Happy Canada Day tomorrow to my fellow Canadians.
Hugs, Ellie

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