Saturday, July 10, 2010

Many translated tag tutorials and translated frame tutorials back online

Hi everyone:
I've added many translated tag tutorials back.
If you go to the Translated Tag Tutorials index page you'll see the top rows are done.
This means I have finished and uploaded all of Futura's, Duchessa's, Marijke's and Marian's tutorials.
The ones below Marian's, starting at Miss Daisy's, are not done yet.
I've also finished all of the Translated Frames tutorials as well as many of my own, as outlined on the Tutorials Index page.
I am soooo weary, my brain is hurtin'.
I can't do another thing tonight.
Off to watch some TV and read.
Have a great night everyone!
Hugs, Ellie


Anonymous said...

Super job, Ellie! How about a free stay at our home near the best beach in North Carolina as a reward? Marcie

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!