Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Calendars up, as well as a new wallpaper

First of all, Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians. I hope you're having a great day! I have my July Desktop Calendars up and also one new wallpaper on the New Wallpaper page. I also have my July 4th Wallpaper page uploaded.
 I'm sorry the tutorial uploads are so slow. I wasn't able to type for awhile, I had sprained a finger on my left hand and had to wear a wrist brace on the right for awhile so typing was out of the question. I have almost all of the background tutorials uploaded and all but one of the Basics tutorials. Once my wrists and hands heal up properly I'll be able to get the rest of them done more quickly. Summer is a busy time for me with going camping at least once every month but I promise I'll get to them as quickly as possible. I am itching to start writing new tutorials as well, so once I get the website whipped back into shape I want to get started on that. It's just all taking longer than I thought it would.
 Some of you may have noticed my Blogspot blog was gone for a bit, Google had deleted it as I was swept up in a sweep where a "fuzzy filter" had pegged it as spam. I wrote to them and after about 2 weeks they apologized and put it back online. In the meantime I had opened a Wordpress blog which is attached to my own site. I think I'll keep both blogs, if something happens to one, then I still have the other one to fall back on. So on my main pages you will see buttons for both blogs, they will have identical information, as does the What's New page, I put the same info on all of them. Have a great day everyone!

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