Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October Calendars up-Desktop, Scrap and Blinkie and personal news

Did you think I'd disappeared? LOL
I have October Blinkie, Scrap and Desktop calendars up.
Go to the calendar index page here.
You can see an example of one of the blinkie calendars at the top of the right column.
I hope to make one more scrap and one more simpler Desktop by tomorrow. I'll try and get the November ones done earlier in the month so the pressure isn't so bad at the end of the month for me to get them done. Go check them out, I hope you like them. I know many of you have written and were missing the blinkie calendars.
I have a few stationery and wallpaper to finish getting ready and hope to have them up shortly.
For those that wrote and enquired about my health, I can eat a bit more than I could before so that's a good thing! I'm still having trouble with lots of meats, so I'm careful there, but can eat a lot more stuff than before, very slowly and carefully. LOL
I was having trouble with the medication for my fibromyalgia and was in a deep depression due to the meds for months, and finally realized what it was. I stopped the medication a couple of weeks ago and suddenly feel like my old sunny self again. I am just not a depressed kind of person and that was simple awful! I hope to never go through that again. I'd rather live with the pain.
Thanks to so many caring people that wrote and asked if I was ok. I am now and you are all appreciated for caring!
On a brighter note, my youngest daughter had her second child, a little girl called Keira Mikaela, Sept 5th, on our anniversary! What a beautiful anniversary gift! I'll share a picture of her later.
Have a wonderful day everyone


Sonel said...

Oh, they are just gorgeous hon! Thanks for making them so beautiful!

I am also glad to hear that your health is improving and you will see it will just go better from now on. Funny how meds can really take over someone's life hey? Had the same problem...:-)

Can't wait to see the photo of Keira. I can see granny is sooo proud! Congrats sweets. May she only bring love and joy into your lives...:-)
Have a great day!
Love & Hugs

Sonel said...

Just me again hon...:-)

I've tagged you with a questionnaire, if you feel like it...:-)

You can find it on my blog:

Take care and have a great day!
Love & Hugs