Friday, October 21, 2011

new autumn wallpaper, stationery, Nov calendar; Autumn wallpaper and stationery pages back online

Hi everyone. I've just finished and uploaded my re-edited Autumn Wallpaper and Autumn Stationery pages. Everything on the pages is either new or completely redone, and up to copyright compliant standards. I've also made and uploaded a new stationery, wallpaper, and November desktop calendar called "I Love Fall" using art ©Rachael Tallamy. I hope you like all of the new stuff!
New Stationery                     New Wallpaper                         Desktop Calendars
I want to get to work on the Halloween pages and get them back online but my new computer may come today and I have to clean out my email program, I have thousands of emails with attachments that I have to snag and delete the emails, so I probably should get to work on that. I love getting a new computer but don't quite love as much all of the backing up of program data, then reinstalling, getting it all back up and running to my specific needs, etc. Lots of work! And I always end up forgetting to install something until I need it then cursing and moaning as now I have to go and install something before I can continue. The end result will be worth it though, I'm getting a great new computer. But that's what I said about the last one till I found out it wasn't quite as great as I needed! Let's hope this one lives up to my expectations.
Have a great day!
Hugs, Ellie 

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