Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas wallpaper page up, more December calendars, Wallpaper Tutorial up

December 14, 2010 My Christmas Wallpaper page is up. Some of the ones that are either new or completely redone have already been put on the New Wallpaper page as well as on the Christmas Page. Some of the ones that are kind of old and I don't want to redo and make into the other sizes are at the bottom of the page. Not all of the wallpapers on the Christmas page are on the New Wallpaper page.
I also just added another format. I've always been unhappy with the jpg format, especially for reds, it leaves what's called artifacts in the red (kind of like streaks and wave patterns). I just did some research and found out that you can use png files for wallpaper. Png files are so much nicer than jpg files. WinXP supports it natively and Windows Vista and Windows 7 doesn't, but there are workarounds. For those wallpapers in png format, I've provided both jpg and png. I've currently just got some png format on the Christmas page and only those with a significant amount of red in them. From now on, I'll make the wallpaper in both formats.
I've put my Wallpaper Tutorial on a page on it's own instead of on the Wallpaper Index page now, and it explains how to use and set wallpaper, including pngs, and links to some free third party programs that help set and cycle wallpaper and control your desktop icons as well. Note: this tutorial is not HOW to make wallpaper but how to use it.
I also have more December Desktop Calendars up. Wow you have a lot to choose from this month. Don't get spoiled now, it's only because I'm working on the wallpaper pages and making a desktop calendar for each one as I go along. I save them as layered templates so they can be reused another time, something I wish I'd done from the start, especially on reworking all of that old wallpaper, and having to redo things from scratch!
I also just redid the What's New page as I was tired of the old one. I was going to make it look like a blog but I kind of like this for now. I hope to start adding links in the two sidebars for my favorite sites, etc.
Now it's time to put together my Christmas stationery and get that page done. Cutting it close! I can't believe that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!
Have a great day everyone!
Hugs, Ellie

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