Friday, October 17, 2008

8 new stationery and wallpaper, some Halloween and Autumn

I have 8 new stationery and wallpaper for you. They are the ones that match the tutorials I posted about yesterday, 3 Halloween ones and 1 Autumn one. The stationery is, as usual, in Incredimail, Outlook Express and Eml formats. I have a new size of wallpaper I've just started making, the large widescreen 1680X1050, that fits my 22"widescreen monitor. One of the papers, Practical Magic, is made in this size. I will continue making them as well in the usual 1280X1024 size to fit most non-widescreen monitors and 800X600 to fit the smaller widescreens, such as my 15" laptop.
Find the new stationery here and the new wallpaper here.
Now my back is killing me from sitting here since 6 this morning, so I am off to watch some TV and read! Have a great night!


Sonel said...

Hello sweetie,
I have an award for you..:-)
Get it on my blog..:-)

Love & Hugs

Moonifa said...

Hi Ellie!

I found your tuts a few months ago as a newbie to PSP. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I love your tuts!!!!!

I am heavily into natural healing, and you might consider trying Omega 3's for your fibromyalgia. They are awesome at getting rid of pain and inflammation. No side effects either. Get a good quality one that has had all impurities removed. (Our ocean fish now are tainted with dioxins, mercury,...) I would suggest 5,000 mgs. a day. If you do not notice any relief in a few days, up the dosage. It's totally non-toxic. Omega 3's have many benefits, not just being anti-inflammatory. You might Google Omega 3's and read up on the marvel that they are.

Hugs, Rachel