Thursday, August 23, 2007

New tutorials, desktop wallpaper and stationery

I've finished 2 translations of Violette's tutorials, a frame tutorial called Frame Valeska, and a Scrap tag tutorial called Scrap Autumn.

I've finished 2 more translations, one from Marion's PSP-Lessen called Past, a scrap tag, and one from Jetje's PSP Creaties, another scrap tag called Princess.

I've finished a tutorial of my own, a stationery and tile tutorial called Lotus Paper. Here's a small sample of the tile and stationery.

I've just uploaded a lot of new Desktop Wallpaper and Stationery. Check them out here
New Stationery New Wallpaper
For those in the mood for Autumn, I've got some new Autumn stationery and wallpaper in the new collection, including a great Autumn Scrap wallpaper made from elements from Scrappy Expressions. Thanks Melissa! I'll probably use it to make a full desktop size scrap calendar, for either September or October.
I'm in the middle of making the wallpaper and stats from the Past and Princess tutorials, and also from another one I have ready, called Beige from Miss Daisy. Just waiting to hear back from her that all is ok and I'll upload that as well.
Have a great day!

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