Monday, July 23, 2007

Update-3 new translations, scrap freebie coming tomorrow

I have 3 translations for you, translated from Steffi's Tutorials. First I have In Search of Mussels, a blend tag, and here's a small preview

Next is The Crossing, and here's a small preview

and last is Summer Flowers, here's the preview

She has some absolutely stunning tutorials and I'm so pleased to be translating them. The first two were on request from my site visitors and group members, so don't forget, if you see a tutorial you want translated from any of the sites I translate for, let me know. My email address is in the left column. The list of sites I translate for is here.
Tomorrow I will have all of the wallpaper and stationery uploaded to match these tutorials, and also a wonderful new freebie from Ingrid, the third part to her Inspired by Nature scrap set. I wanted to have it all done tonight but I ran out of time and I'm beat! Goodnight everyone!

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