Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Thanksgiving Stationery and one Autumn one

I've just added the Thanksgiving Stationery section back with all new stationery. None of the old stuff was worth redoing and adding back in. They are on the Thanksgiving Stationery page and the New Stationery page. There is one new Autumn stationery on the New Stationery page as well. They are all in Incredimail, Outlook Express and eml formats.
I know my stationery is taking much longer than I expected to get back up again and for that I apologize. The job just seems overwhelming to me sometimes. I have to check the copyright of each stationery, redo the graphic most of the time adding copyrights, etc. Then I have to make it into wallpaper, incredimail stationery and from there convert it to Outlook Express Stationery and email format stationery. Upload all of the files then redo the webpages and upload them. Sometimes it just seems like more work than I can handle but I'm doing it as I can.
Again, I apologize for the delay. I've received many emails asking about the stationery so I know many of you are missing it. Any new stationery I make goes on the New Stationery page and is staying there for now. When I get the other pages redone and uploaded again, the new stuff will get sorted out into those categories again.

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