Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Site moving again

Well, I'm making another move. I was having so much trouble with those free hosts that my site was spread across that I decided to go back to a paid host. I went with SuperGreen Hosting after doing a lot of research. They have a sterling reputation from what I've seen and so far, just this morning, I've had a few questions and got an immediate response via email with an offer of further help if needed. The site address will remain the same as I own the domain.
I've been uploading and the speeds are super fast. I'm very impressed! The only addresses that will change will be the Stationery and the Font sections, as they were on a host apart from my main site I had to change the address. They will now go back to the same address they had before.
Once I get all of this uploaded again, I'll be back to the same spot I was before today as I'm still updating my Tutorial, Wallpaper and Stationery sections for copyright content. I'll let you know when I get this all uploaded today. And then I'll go back to editing those sections and adding them to the site as I get them done. I'm working on the tutorials section, Background Tutorials at the moment (once I'm done this uploading) and I have most of those Background Tutorials done.
Thanks for being patient with me!

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